5 Types of Photo Frames to Decorate Your Home


Picture frames are excellent décor pieces. But, when you buy picture frames online, determining the most appropriate style of frame for your room can be a bit daunting. So, in this guide, you’ll go through the many types of picture frames and explore what makes each one distinctive. Understanding these distinctions can assist you in selecting the ideal picture frame to suit not just your photographs and keepsakes but also your whole home décor.

  • Shadowbox

These photo frames are deeper than standard frames, enabling you to store and show items other than pictures. You may get really deep shadow boxes that are ideal for displaying sports memorabilia, buttons, or even badges and pins, and your choice depends on the item you like to put on display. Meanwhile, ascertain that the shadow box you pick is sufficiently deep to prevent your goods from being pushed up against the glass while on display.

  • Decorative Frame

Instead of being simple, ornamental frames have images, quotes, and even 3D features that help the frame stand out. It’s enjoyable to select a beautiful frame that complements the topic of the photograph since this creates the illusion that the picture and frame are one entity. And with so many beautiful frames to select from, you may easily choose one that complements the recipient’s hobbies or interests.

  • Standard Frame

Standard frames can complement any house or workplace. They are often basic and solid in colour, so they do not detract from the presented image. These frames are also available in various sizes and shapes and are not limited to black or silver. They come in vibrant hues, which makes decorating an enjoyable exercise that comes with the pleasure of mixing and matching. Even brighter frames will not detract from the image or artwork on display and make certain parts pop.


  • Floating Frame

Rather than having the photograph appear to be kept in place by the frame, floating picture frames create the optical illusion of the picture floating on the wall. This is because it is firmly sandwiched between two panes of glass that allow you to look through the picture frame to the photograph or artwork displayed. This is an excellent choice if you want to draw attention to the artwork you’re showing and if the colour of your wall complements it, as any faults in the wall will be immediately evident behind a floating frame.

  • Table-Top

These photo frames include a pop-out element in the rear that allows them to stand upright on a table. This makes them ideal for displaying pictures in a public space, on a side table, or on top of a chest of drawers. On the other hand, they are not suitable for hanging on the wall since the component at the rear prevents the frame from hanging flush against the wall, and they can be easily knocked off. Also, when shopping for a tabletop frame, ensure that you like how it leans, as this is very hard to modify. Some frames include adjustable backs that allow you to customise the frame’s uprightness, although the majority do not.

.When you decide to buy picture frames online, rest assured that there is always a frame for your photos or certificates. And nevertheless, understanding how various picture frames complement your photographs and surroundings may help you create the ideal display for your home or office.


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