5 Ways Air Pollution Can Harm Your Health


Are you living in a clean environment? Well, most of you would reply no, as the quality of air is decreasing with each passing day. There are numerous toxic gases being dissolved in air, causing it harmful for the people and hence it has become essential to take care of your health. The exposure of toxic gases from big industries, gases released from the vehicles is collectively polluting the air that results in numerous diseases.

Most of you might be wondering about the harmful effects of polluted air, so here are 5 ways how air pollution can harm your body and degrade your life.

Cause Lung Cancer: The researchers have concluded that the increase in air pollution has resulted in lung cancer in numerous patients over the globe. The major reason for lung cancer is the exposure to toxic gases that damage your lungs and develops tumors. Even if you try to stay safe, you can’t stop yourself from inhaling and delivering oxygen to your body.

Harmful as Smoking: If you think that no-smoking will keep you safe and healthy, then you are wrong. People who don’t smoke but lives in the polluted environment, inhale toxic gases, that is same as smoking daily without any halt. Depending upon your environment, the negative effect of polluted air will also vary that can be more dangerous than smoking daily.

Causes Cardiovascular Disease: Inhaling toxic air harms your cardiovascular system that causes asthma. It’s impossible to track pure or toxic gases hence you continue inhaling air. Once your cardiovascular system gets affects, your major blood vessels are affected resulting in a heart attack in critical cases.

Causes Type-2 Diabetes: In some of the research, it has been concluded that living in the polluted environment also cause type-2 diabetes. This means your blood glucose level is increased due to the inlet of polluted air. But this problem is faced by the people who live in the highly polluted area.

Other Common Health Issues: There are some common health issues that harm your body, but you avoid them. The regular intake of Nitrogen dioxide causes coughing that becomes harmful if it continues till long. The nitrogen dioxide is produced from the gases and fumes released by the vehicles.

Once a patient is diagnosed with any of the above-mentioned diseases, a doctor will prescribe medication for a specific tenure. Canada Drugs helps you order your medicines online and get them right at your doorstep.  To spread the awareness about air pollution, 21st June of every year is celebrated as the National Clean Air Day. This is the day devoted to teaching everyone how to keep the air clean and ensure a healthy environment. But this doesn’t mean you forget about air quality on the second day. Until and unless we take this issue at high priority, it will increase continuously without any halt.

So, instead of facing harmful disease caused by pollution, it’s important to take proper remedies to decrease air pollution and make your surrounding clean.

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