6 Essentials to Include in Your Winter Wardrobe This Year



Staying in style during the winter can be difficult because all we want to do is wear some thick, comfy clothing and stay indoors all day. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the luxury of doing so because we have jobs, children to drive to school, and daily errands to run.

What if we told you that there is an easy way to stay cozy, yet wear trendy clothing this winter season? Here are 6 essentials that you want to be sure you have this winter.

  1. High Waisted Skinny Jeans

You can’t go wrong with high waisted skinny jeans. They are perfect for winter because they stick close to your body and the higher they go, the better! Skinny jeans come in different colors and styles, matching just about anything. Pair them up with some cute black booties, a leather jacket, a knit cardigan, or scarf and you’re set for the day.

You can’t go wrong with these go-to pants so make sure you have a few of them in your wardrobe this winter season!

  1. Cashmere Sweaters

Yes! It’s time to bring out the cashmere crewneck sweaters. These items are easy to dress up or down and make for a great layering piece. You can wear a collared shirt underneath your skinny jeans and boots to stay warm from top to bottom.

A couple of reasons we love cashmere sweaters is because they are available in just about any color and they keep you warm without the sweating involved. This wool insulates heat to keep you nice and toasty!

  1. Boots, Boots, Boots!

One of the great things about colder months is they bring the perfect excuse to bring out your favorite pair of boots. There are so many options when it comes down to these types of shoes. Here are just some of our favorites:

  • Fur Boots. A great way to keep your feet warm is by wearing some socks with fur boots over them! A popular brand is UGG. You’ll find that these boots are designed with waterproof leather and a cozy wool lining that insulates heat.
  • Black Booties. You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans paired with black booties. Wear some high-rise ankle socks and you have a trendy look going for you.
  • Over-the-Knee Boots. Not only are these stylish, but over-the-knee boots add an extra layer to your lower body and retain heat well.

  1. Blanket Wrap Scarf

This one may, in fact, be our favorite winter essential. These type of scarfs are chic and an effortless addition to any outfit. The bigger the scarf, the warmer! This is a great way to stay warm and one of our favorite accessories – we are sure it will become one of yours too.

For use, you can either wrap it around your neck multiple times or throw it carelessly over your shoulder.

  1. Knitted Jumper Dress

If you like dresses and are looking for a way to show a little leg while staying warm, consider a knitted jumper dress. You can add some tights or high knee boots for added warmth. Don’t forget to throw your statement coat over for a pop of color!

  1. Fur Is In

Furry apparel is one of the best ways to stay looking fashionable while being warm. If you haven’t tried possum merino fur, this may be the season to see what all the hype is about. Possum fur is very thin, soft, and warm to the touch. It absorbs moisture well, taking it away from your body and towards the center of the fiber meaning the fur cannot freeze.

You may also want to consider products made from sheep’s wool, as they’re long lasting and proven to keep you warmer than if you’re wearing clothing made from synthetic fibers, like polyester. From possum merino fur to rabbit hair to sheep’s wool, you’re certain to stay warm in fur!

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