6 Gift Wrapped Ways to Enjoy a Winter in Napa


Napa, California, is a gorgeous tourist destination contributing to the $145 Billion state tourism economy.

But, what exactly does winter in napa offer when planning the perfect winter vacation? Napa offers even more than graceful vineyards and hot food spots.

Napa is the perfect spot for a vacation with family or friends. We’ve compiled six great ways to enjoy winter in napa this holiday season.

Read these six great tips before you plan your winter vacation!

1. The Sterling Vineyards

One great staple of visiting napa in the winter is Sterling Vineyards is its cable car. It is the only worldwide with an active cable car.

The general price for admission is $32. The admission ticket includes the 4-minute cable car ride up to the top of the vineyard.

It also includes a look into the vats that showcase the wine fermentation process. Sterling Vineyards is among the best napa wineries in winter to visit.

2. Domaine Carneros Wine Tasting

Domaine Carneros Winery offers a more traditional wine tasting experience. They offer a flight of wines specializing in sparkling wines.

The sparkling wines average anywhere between $30-$40. They also offer charcuterie cheese boards to pair with the wines.

Near the Domaine Carneros, you can ride the Napa Valley Wine train to help you on your wine-tasting adventures. You can also research HarvestHOC for authentic cannabis options in the area.

3. Castello Di Amorosa

Among the other things to do in Napa Valley in the winter includes visiting Castello Di Amorosa. Sterling Vineyards presents a great view, but Castello offers a closer look.

Below the nearby castle is an area that allows guests to tour inside the vineyard. The 15-year-old castle allows for great photo ops and tours with tasting rooms. It’s open for both weekday and weekend admissions.

4. Hot Springs Resort

There is a slew of hot spring resorts in the area. One option at an affordable price is Golden Haven Hot Springs. This includes jacuzzis and a mineral water indoor-heated pool.

Indian Springs Resort is another lavish choice. The resort includes a bigger outdoor heated pool. In addition, it includes a central spa facility.

5. Mud Bath & Winter in Napa

In historic Calistoga, you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and other retail stores. The mud baths and natural hot springs of Calistoga are continuing to grow in popularity.

It is beginning to evolve into a central resort town with growing spa culture. In addition, you can visit the tasting rooms after your spa retreat.

6. Napa Lighted Art Festival

On January 11th-19th, a light art festival begins in the Napa area. Through these nine days, visitors can light installations on display after dark.

This also includes various video mapping projections, video art, and other light projection pieces. The displays this year will span across 16 different locations, including the Embassy Suites and Blue Note Napa Valley.

The Napa Valley Experience

This Napa Valley area offers some of the greatest wineries and wine tasting experiences in the world. It’s an essential experience if you are looking to take your friends or family to a great countryside winter location.

If you’re planning to perfect your winter getaway, winter in Napa is the place to go.

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