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6 Great Features of an Electric Dosa Maker


One of the most popular and all-time favourite cuisines of almost all Indians is South Indian food. Be it any part of the country, a majority of people relish South Indian dishes and they can never just get enough of it.

Seeing the popularity of the South Indian dishes, the electric dosa maker is a great invention, which has eased the process of making dosa by leaps and bounds. The wide set of features makes it great value for money and most households have started using this electric dosa maker.

Here are 6 great features that make electric dosa maker a great buy:

  1. Easy and Convenient to Use– With this dosa maker, all you have to do is just click one button and your dosa gets ready. It is not messy, but rather very efficient. The appliance makes the dosas faster and all the dosas you make using this machine have the same uniformity. The speed and efficiency of this appliance are commendable. It is absolutely not important for you to have any prior technical knowledge in order to operate this appliance. It is user friendly and convenient to use.
  2. Customize your Dosa– This is another great feature that is available in the dosa maker. According to your taste and likes, you can customize your dosa. For example, you have the option to alter the thickness of the dosa. You can either make it thin or thick. You also have the choice to adjust the size of the dosa. If you are not hungry, you can opt for a smaller dosa and if you are famished, probably the biggest size of the dosa will be able to soothe your appetite. In addition to this, you can also choose your desired amount of roast. This means that depending on what you prefer to eat, you can either have a soft dosa or a dosa that is much crispier and crunchy.
  3. Healthy Dosas– People are opting for food options that are healthier and free from fat. They are not only considering good quality and taste of food, but also the extent of the nutritional value present in the food. This dosa maker also has the option to control the amount of oil that will be used to cook the dosas. Therefore, the dosas made using this appliance comprise of less fat as compared to handmade dosas.
  4. A Decent Model– The dosa maker has a compact design and is portable. You can easily place it anywhere on the table top as it does not require a lot of space. It works according to a few set standards and ensures that the consistency is maintained with every dosa that it processes. It is a secure investment.
  5. OilFree Dosas- With the non-sticky feature of dosa makers, you can make oil-free dosas. This is a much healthier option that is also tasty.
  6. Easy Maintenance– The non-sticky feature of dosa makers is a great aspect as cleaning becomes very easy. Easy maintenance is what most buyers look for in such kitchen appliances.

If you are planning to buy an electric dosa maker, ensure that you pick one with these features so that you get a bang for your buck.

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