6 Popular Renovation Trends in Canada for 2018


When it comes to home decor, just like in fashion, some trends maintain their popularity for numerous consecutive years, others make a comeback while some are innovative and unexpected.

With easy access to endless sources of inspiration, various tools and a wide variety of materials and designs that will fit any, renovating your home can be quite the challenge. We’re here to make things easier for you.

If you have decided to renovate a part of your house or to flip the whole thing entirely, then you should watch out for what is trending this year in the Canadian interior design world. We have selected a few renovating ideas from a professional house builder in Winnipeg. These tips will help to define Canadian interior design for 2018.

Naturally Lit, Open Spaces

Although gorgeous, it’s not always an option to have a large, open living space. For instance, windows that go from the floor to the ceiling are very difficult to add if the house was not designed for them from the very beginning.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a naturally lit space. One simple way is to remove anything that blocks natural light from brightening up your house. Remove blocking furniture, choose thin curtains, and add light colors to the decor. If you are renovating the kitchen or the living room, consider an open space that merges them.

Luxurious Master Bedrooms

The focus of the newest luxury home is having the latest technology at your disposal so that you can create a pampering, comfortable and specialized space for every member of the family.

The trends for the master bedroom involve vast closet space and a bathroom with double sinks that gives separate space for you and your partner. Natural fabrics are very sought after, from natural stone walls, bamboo and wood inserts, and linen or natural silk textiles as decoration.

Accent Walls with Intricate Designs and Deep Colors

While accent walls aren’t new on the renovation scene, they have a more polished, modern look nowadays. If at first, this trend involved painting one of the walls in a deeper color from the same color palette, this year’s accent walls are bolder and more artful.

Complementary bright colors, like gemstone tones in a pastel or gray-toned area, bright yellows or even metallic accents, bring a unique dimension to your office, living room or bedroom. Even the kitchen can get a fashionable makeover, by having mosaic or brick backsplashes, or a vertical herb garden against a royal blue wall, for example.

Hardwood Flooring Remains a Star

Today’s homes are living organisms that combine the warmth of natural materials with the brains of online technology. While some past interior design trends have distanced themselves from rustic, classic designs, hardwood floors are back with a vengeance in Canada this year. Whether it’s the real thing or vinyl/linoleum imitating them, wood plank floors give your house
a sturdy, warm feel.

From white painted boho chic, to mirrored luxurious glazed floors, wood always works with the eclectic, intricate designs of the last decade. Regarding color, dark or very pale finishes are very popular this year.

Inclusive Design and Functionality

What has evolved in interesting directions regarding home design is the prioritization of functionality.

Families with children have begun shaping their space to fit their needs, instead of adapting themselves to a rigid structure. Therefore, you will often see facilities designed for multiple generations in the family. Easy access for senior or disabled inhabitants, together with child-friendly rooms and furniture will coexist in an adapting, flexible space.

Smart Home Features

It wouldn’t be 2018 if we wouldn’t talk about smart homes. Even if the smart technology was introduced a while back in the real estate business in Canada, nowadays it is applied to a wide variety of features and has been normalized, to a certain extent.

Houses that wake up with you, help you go to sleep and know your musical preferences are no longer a sci-fi cliche, but a part of the huge wellness cultural phenomenon.

Home renovation can be a hassle. But with a clear plan in mind, it can turn into an enjoyable experience.

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