Brothers and sisters celebrate their bond of love during Raksha Bandhan and this is a day of utmost importance in our Indian culture. Even when they cannot visit each other on this day, sending a nice rakhi and lavish gifts are normal tradition. Have a look at the following gift options and bless your darling brother on this auspicious occasion.

Apparels: Jeans, t-shirt, formal shirt, cool trousers, or Indian Kurta forms the bulk here which is always the most amazing category of gifts for a brother. The sense of fashion or dress keeps on changing with the age one is in. That’s why you always have to be very calculative while sending an apparel gift to someone. May be you haven’t met your brother for the past one and half year and his color preference has changed from blue to black, so, you have to do that bit of research before finding the perfect gift. Ask him directly about his brand preference or color scheme and then buy the cool garments.

Personalized Basket: This is a lovely gift option for surprising your brother who is away from you. Personalized gifts have that appealing tone in them which makes them really a great gift option for someone very close to you. Personalize a photo frame, cushion, bottle lamps, coasters, coffee mug, beer mug, bed sheet, curtains, tea pot, etc. and decorate the gift basket to surprise your little brother.

Watches: Men love to adorn their watches and don’t mind spending on them at all. Raksha Bandhan is the time when you would be shopping for the best things for your brother. So, have a look at the stylish, cool, and designer watches. The rakhi would adorn the right hand and the watch would beautify the left hand (this is the general preference, although, you may differ). Don’t forget this mesmerizing gift option along with rakhi if you are planning to send online rakhi to Singapore  for him.

Perfumes: Smelling good is very important, especially when your brother has to meet new clients and prestigious people. The world’s best perfumes can be gifted to him on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan. The fragrance with high notes of woods, patchouli, citrus fruits, and musk are well appreciated.

Laptop: Get him the latest laptop in case he requires it for his higher studies. He would be more than thrilled with the new gadget from you. This thing has also become a very common object to own just like our mobile phones for its usage. Without technology, we would really suffer!

Cookies and Dry fruits: Who doesn’t love to munch on cookies? For those non-stop chit-chat, football watching, or movie sessions, you really need something to keep munching on. But balance the protein and fiber level by gifting a basket of dry fruits also. Almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins, and walnuts are really great agent of antioxidants and would keep the mind and body of your brother sharper.