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6 Tips That Will Make Moving Unbelievably Easy!


If you’re a 30-something still actively looking for the dream career, you are probably not a stranger to moving again and again either. As you go through jobs, fall in love and eventually start a family, moving is inevitable. But it doesn’t always have to be the nightmare we paint it to be.

Of course, packing and unpacking is no one’s favorite chore or the favorite pastime, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult as we make it. By planning your activities, setting reminders and to-do lists and prioritizing your possessions, you can make moving a lot easier. Here’s a how!

Get Rid of Old Junk

Packing thing you no longer use, wear or need will take a lot of time, the time you could be spending more productively. So before you even get to packing, make sure to get rid of anything you don’t need. If there’s a time sentimentality is not your friend, it’s this. If you feel bad about throwing stuff away you could always donate it to a charity or hold a garage sale. But whatever you do, the junk needs to go first.

Start with the Things You Use Least

When you’ve finally decluttered and started packing, start with the things you rarely use and work up to items and clothes you use every day. That way you won’t have to sift through the boxes to get that shirt you wanted to wear tomorrow. That way you can get packing early and not have to feel like actually moving and won’t have to break your daily routine.

Pack Your Essentials Separately

After moving the boxes all day, looking through the boxes to find your toothbrush or a clean pair of underwear can be exhausting. That’s why you should pack essentials like these in a separate bag to use while you settle into the new home. It’s easier than having to unpack everything right away.

Have Someone Look after Your Pets

If you think moving is hard for you, you have no idea how hard it is for your pets. Dogs and cats get scared and stressed during a move, which is why it’s a good idea to get someone to keep an eye on them, whether it’s a pet hotel or a family member they love spending time with. This will make moving less stressful for both you and your pet.

Take a Day Off from Work

A lot of moving companies offer better rates during the week. If you can, take a day off of work so you can save some money on moving during the week. On the plus side, you’ll get to enjoy the weekend in your new home.

Make a To-Do List

In all the chaos and mess, it can be easy to forget to get something you need from the store or finish something unrelated to the move. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a to-do list where you’ll cover both moving and non-moving related tasks. You can use apps like Blink the Bee to get reminders and keep track of what you’ve already completed so you don’t get lost in the chaos.

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