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6 Ways of Getting Rid of Mould in Your Home


Eliminating house mould is a necessity that goes beyond aesthetics. While these dark spots can make the walls and carpets look bad and deteriorate, the most severe problem is that mould can become a focus of fungi and bacteria that can affect your health.

Although at first, you may only worry about the smell of moisture that mould gives off, little by little, it becomes responsible for allergies and difficulties in the respiratory system. 

Consequently, it is essential to take measures to combat it before it continues to develop and affect a household member. 

Here below, you will find recommendations that will help you get rid of unpleasant mould.

Ventilate Your Home

Opening doors and windows, at least once a day, is a simple way to reduce the presence of mould inside the home. 

Making the air circulate allows damp areas to dry naturally and prevent fungal growth, as it alters the environment in which fungi grow. 

If you make this activity a routine, your house will begin to smell better, and you will avoid the appearance or growth of mould.

Leave the Affected Area Uncovered

One of the big mistakes in trying to hide the presence of mould is to cover the stains with furniture, fabrics, or anything else. Covering mould prevents air from circulating over the affected area, creating the perfect environment for these microorganisms to develop. 

In just a matter of days, a small spot can grow its size by several times, affecting the furniture or fabrics that you had used to cover it. 

It is best to leave the affected area uncovered; in some cases, the mould could even disappear thanks to the ventilation. However, it is always advisable to remove it as soon as possible.

Apply Vinegar

Many natural ingredients have properties that help to disinfect and clean surfaces, helping to remove mould from the house faster. 

The acidic composition of vinegar removes dark spots and eliminates fungi, and bacteria concentrated in the affected area. To use it, apply directly to the affected area and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. 

After that time, clean the area with plenty of water and a brush. If you are going to use a damp cloth, it is recommended that you get rid of it once you finish, since mould can start growing in it.

Another Natural Household Product

Baking soda is an extremely versatile product. You can take advantage of it in many ways since it is an antifungal, deodorant, and antibacterial, an ideal combination for cleaning and eliminating mould.

One of the main characteristics of sodium bicarbonate is that it can stop the growth of mould. Additionally, it helps to eliminate dark spots and bad odours generated by the presence of these microorganisms. 

Besides, it is straightforward to use. You only need to take a generous amount of baking soda and moisten it a little with water, then rub it with a brush in the affected area. 

Leave the mixture on for approximately twenty minutes and rinse to remove residue.

Sea Salt as A Solution and Preventive Method

Sea salt has an exceptional quality that has made it one of the preferred solutions against mould. This mineral not only disinfects surfaces but also absorbs moisture, creating an environment that does not allow fungi to grow.

Like baking soda, you should apply it directly with a brush on the affected area, leave it on for some time and then rinse.

Sea salt is so effective that you can use it even before mould appears in places where it is likely to be generated. You can place some salt in cloth bags or vented containers that absorb moisture from places like cabinets and drawers.

Call an Expert

If mould has been growing for a long time, removal is much more complicated. The spores will have penetrated the material, and a superficial cleaning will not achieve lasting results. 

The advisable thing to do is find a professional to take care of the problem. If the spots are dark, almost black, then it means you have a severe problem. 

The spores of toxic black mould are both poisonous and allergy-causing, inducing respiratory problems, damage to internal organs, and sometimes even death.

Notably, in the case of carpets, people do not usually realize the problem in time and believe that with a simple cleaning, they will get rid of mould. 

On the contrary, the fungus has surely penetrated the carpet so much that despite having it cleaned, it will still be there.

You can get different professionals who offer mould cleaning services in Melbourne. They are trained to eradicate its presence, not only on your carpets but anywhere in your home.

Now that you know all the effects that mould can have on your well-being, you cannot allow these microorganisms to affect your health or that of your loved ones. 

Please take the necessary preventive measures to prevent its occurrence. And if it has already appeared, do not think twice and use the methods mentioned here.

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