It’s tempting to put off maintenance or ignore warning lights, but doing so can turn a small maintenance cost into a big repair fee.  Here are the 7 things Bloomington car dealers suggest you do to avoid major bills (and headaches).

  1. Stick to the recommended service schedule

It sounds simple, but sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is the best advice.  All vehicles need routine service to function properly.  Having a pro look it over on a regular basis prevent small items from becoming big problems.

  1. Change fluids and filters

    Regular oil changes can save you thousands of dollars in repairs!  In addition to oil, keep an eye on radiator, transmission, power steering, coolant, and brake fluids.  If there’s a leak underneath your vehicle, that’s a sign something’s wrong.  Most leaks are easily fixed if you catch them early – before a lack of fluids cause your engine to seize up or your transmission to fail.

    3. Regularly inspect your tires

    Tires are often ignored until you get a flat.  Check them regularly for wear and air.  Underinflated tires wear out faster and can hurt your gas mileage and steering.  Overinflated tires also wear faster and are more susceptible to road hazards like rocks.  If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side or the other, get the alignment checked. 

    4. Pay attention to that check engine light

    That light is your car’s way of telling you there’s a problem and you need to deal with it as soon as possible.  Putting it off puts your safety at risk.  Replacing an engine is a huge expense that might be avoided by just checking out that warning light.
  2. Don’t mess with your brakes

    As soon as you suspect there’s something not quite right with your brakes, get it fixed.  The longer you wait to replace brake pads when it’s time, the more damage you’ll do to the rest of the braking system. 
  3. Avoid aggressive driving

Staying within the speed limits can not only save you from getting pulled over, but it can help with fuel economy.  Try to avoid quick starts and quick stops.  Stop and Go traffic and rough roads can take a toll on your vehicle.  Try to limit the aggressive driving to a minimum.

  1. Regular cleaning

    A dirty car is more than ugly.  Going too long between washes allows for chemical and dirt buildup.  That can lead to rust and damage to your car’s finish.  When it’s time to trade it in on a new model, a cleaner, well-maintained vehicle is likely to bring a better offer.

Bloomington car dealers care about the health of your vehicle and your safety.  You want to get the maximum return for your investment.  Following these guidelines will help.