7 Fun Places to go on Family Vacations


Australia can appear to be isolated from the rest of the world, it offers different landscapes, flora and fauna to what you will see anywhere else.

This country is an excellent choice for families looking for adventure: kangaroos, koalas and other strange animals will surprise the younger ones, while teenagers will prefer surfing, diving or snorkelling. 

Without a doubt, Australia is a real paradise for those who want to become great explorers.

There is a wide range of children’s amusements in the country’s big cities, designed for different age groups. 

Out-of-town activities may seem to be a bit complicated to do as a family, especially if you have young children. 

But the truth is that they are not; most of Australia’s vacation spots are ready to welcome everything from adventurous couples to large families with young children.

Here below, you will find seven fun places to visit in Australia that will guarantee hours of fun and unforgettable experiences for you and your family.

Tour The Great Ocean Road

If you have to choose one of Australia’s many roads and routes, you cannot miss The Great Ocean Road. 

This 243 km road was created to be the memorial to the fallen soldiers of World War I. Besides its historical importance; its natural beauty makes it one of the places you cannot miss in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road crosses wooded areas, wild beaches, immense cliffs and holiday villages such as Anglesea, Lome and Apollo Bay, where you will find all the amenities to rest and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Get to know Sydney

Sydney is a modern and open city, with plenty of options to have fun. Visitors from all over the world enjoy endless activities that will surely make you want to stay for longer.

The Opera House, the Sydney Bay Bridge, Chinatown and the Botanical Garden are some of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks.

On New Year’s Eve, an incredible fireworks show is held in the bay to celebrate the start of a new year. If you can choose the date of your visit to Sydney, it would be a great idea to make it coincide with this day.

Go Camping

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities? Do you want to have a moment of relaxation and spend time with your family? Then camping will be the ideal choice for you. 

Just imagine being able to breathe the fresh air, watch the sunrise and hear the sounds of nature without any distraction. It is one of the most relaxing options out there.

But do not worry if you think your kids are going to get bored. Visit a holiday or caravan park where you will find activities for kids that will entertain them for hours and hours.

Currently, there is an abundance of holiday parks in NSW; you only have to choose the one that attracts your attention the most.

Visit Melbourne

If your family loves sports and cultural events, they cannot miss visiting this city. Melbourne is not only the industrial, commercial and cultural engine of the country but also the sporting capital in Australia. 

If you like sports, in Melbourne, you can enjoy the Australian Open, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, professional football matches and many more sporting activities.

Go diving at The Great Barrier Reef.

Many people place the Great Barrier Reef as the place they would most like to visit in Australia. 

The largest coral reef on Earth lies off the coast of Queensland. Every day, several boats set sail from the beach full of people excited to go and see this wonder of nature. 

Even if you prefer snorkelling rather than diving, you can also enjoy it to the fullest, as you will find a great diversity of species at a very shallow depth.

Travel to Tasmania

Nature reigns in Tasmania: mountains, lakes, secluded beaches, forests and many other landscapes are located on this island. 

You have the option to explore the island on foot or by caravan; either way, you and your family will enjoy it to the fullest. If you ever prefer a slightly quieter activity, you cannot miss Hobart’s museums.

Have fun on the Gold Coast

Visiting the gold coast will probably be the option that will most catch your children’s attention. The area is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, ideal for surfing, but also for the significant number of theme parks that will ensure that your children have an unforgettable holiday. 

If at any time, you need a break from the parks, you can take a day off to relax at the beach or visit the Australia Zoo that is a couple of hours away.

These are seven fun ideas to spend the holidays with your family. Australia is a vast and amusing country that offers endless opportunities to have fun. Choose your favourite activity and visit the area that suits you best, you will not regret it.

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