Hey bachelors out there, this post is specially designed for you. If you are living single that does not mean that your house should look like a frat house. On the other hand, not every guy out there is Teddy Roosevelt therefore, hues of black and browns and animal heads on the wall is not the only way to give your house a masculine look. Decorating your house with the touch of different colors is no way effeminate. Minimalism is best to start decorating a guy’s home and we know that guys want it basic and simple by sticking to few items. However, still, men find it complicated to decorate home in an attractive way. Therefore, we have simplified this task for you and we have compiled 7 ways you can decorate your home in a manly manner.

Color Palette:

It is perfectly okay to have featured walls and different designs on the wall but everything should go in the flow with other stuff. First of all, the location should be considered before selecting a theme. Dark red and natural brick themed wall would be suitable for an apartment at NY in TriBeCa but the same theme will not go fine for your beach house in the Hamptons. Try to contrast the inner world with the outer world.


Keep it simple, if you have hardwood flooring, it is easiest to deal with them as they can be stained into darker colors for a change. You can also use rugs to give your floor some personality or just have a carpet that goes with the other stuff in the theme.

Go Vintage:

This is one of the amazing thematic choices you can have for your living room that can save your bacon. While choosing furniture or other decorative items for your living room, keep your hands on something that bring vintage vibe and will also look stylish. Older sofas, shelves, and desks provide you with familiar feelings. In addition to this, it is easy to purchase them because only quality lasts. You can add scented candles to your living room. What would smell more manly and seductive than freshly brewed espresso? Click here to find more about these candles.


Whether it be industrial, rustic or enigmatic a man’s room is a place where the lifestyle emerges. You have several options when it comes to décor a man’s bedroom. You can keep it simple with a neutral contrasting atmosphere to enhance the masculinity. Arguably the most important part of any bedroom is bed because you spend one-third of your entire life on your bed and it is something you are not going to replace soon. Therefore, the bed frame is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so be bold, wild and daring while buying it.

Bedroom themes:

You can give your room a contemporary design depending on your hobbies. Geometric patterns and use of leather and metal made stuff portrays the look of masculinity.


As you are living single, keep only necessary stuff at your kitchen that you are actually going to use. If you do not have someone to help you with regular cleaning, you spend more of your time working at the office and you actually clean and dust your kitchen once or twice a week. Then you must go for colors that do not make dust visible. Lighter tones of brown and caramel.

Bring in Nature:

This might not sound masculine but bringing some greenery to your house will bring in positivity. They not only add beauty to your house but they also absorb toxins and improve your mind and heart health.

About the Author:

This post is written by Andrea Johnson. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She is currently a student of Interior Designing at the California Arts School. She regularly writes blogs at Wax & Wick.