7 Secret Ingredients For Perfect Blend of Style And Comfort


Staying stylish and fashionable has always been the ultimate goal for anyone who hopes to turn heads. However, sometimes, we are all guilty of a wardrobe malfunction at some point. This is not to mean that someone does not know how to shop right. It only means that they did not find the right designs that blended with the day’s outfit. So how does one stay stylish while remaining comfortable at all times? Here are some of the tips you can use to ensure that you always stand out.

Sneakers will do it

Whether you are in the gym, travelling or simply in a casual event, sneakers always come in handy. However, the trick comes in terms of the right designs and colour to go for. You want to find a sneaker that remains in place without being too tight and offers just the right support all day. For this, it is wise to take someone along, who might have an eye for the outfits and accessories. For instance, an australian designer might help you complement this easy look with light clothing, that too adding on a perfect blend.


Sweatshirts have always been used to make a fashion statement. Parties, weddings and other notable social events are times we do not want to take chances with. As such, many would go an extra mile to get an outfit specifically for that occasion but may not apply anywhere else. The best way to go about your choice of clothing is to go for more versatile pieces that can fit on most occasions. For instance, instead of settling for just a standard solid sweatshirt, you can go for one that has a cheeky phrase. This helps give personality to your outfit. You can then complete the look a coat swinging around the shoulders, com, complete with a cool pair of sneakers.


A Blazer is a good fit is you want to stand out. If you are looking to stay stylish at all times and flow with the trend, do not get too comfortable with specific shops or brands of blazers. Get explorative and try out new outfits, designs and brands. You will be surprised by the variety out there that can offer just the right designs for your personality, shape and taste. Get stylish looks that may be seen as being out of the norm but still make a statement. For instance, sweat pants are usually seen to belong to the gym only. With a little research, however, you will be surprised to realize that, indeed, there are brands that offer more stylish sweats that can be worn in public. This can be complemented by s stripped top, a structured blazer and matching sneakers.


You cannot go wrong with layers. As always, dressing according to the season is a definite win. Get the best out of every season by dressing up to the most comfortable clothing and designs. For instance, as you transition into fall, you may see the need to put your most comfortable pieces in order. These may include a camel coat complemented by a brand tee and a cardigan. You may also see the need to include trainers.

Jackets for the rainy day

Even during a gloomy weather, you can still stay stylish. If you love printed colors, then this may be your chance to rock it. Even when sporting some sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt, including a printed court in the mix will do justice to your look. There is always something about a long duster or jacket that gives it’s a stylish look irrespective of what you wear underneath. This is most applicable for cool nights and rainy days.

Flats for comfort

Sneakers offer comfort alright, but on the other hand, if you are not the type that goes for sneakers, then flats will do the trick. As much as this may look like an obvious option when seeking for comfort, you will have to be extra careful to find one that will not result in blistered heels. The best bet here will be to go for the fur-lined loafers that offer comfort and style.

The power of the scarf

As much as many would neglect the scarf in their styling, this is one of those accessories that can make or break your outfit. Apart from keeping you warm, it makes that fashion statement that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. The secret lies in how best you will wear it and not necessarily what you pair it with. Try out new styles each time depending on the outfit of the day. Scarves can come in a variety of styles ranging from the rectangular to the square and the infinity scarves. Go for one the feels comfortable and complements your overall outfit.

Whatever the case, it all boils down to understanding your body structure, tastes and preferences when it comes to style. By understanding your wardrobe inside out, you get to pick out what works best for you depending on the occasion. Getting stylish doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune. Use the little you have to make a big statement though little fashion tweaks and tricks.



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