7 Things You Wish You Knew About Car Safety Technology Before Purchase



Insurance for your car is based on the safety devices on the car, the age of the car, and the value of a car. However, there are a lot of things that people might not have thought of when they were buying a car.

You can make a lot of good choices for your car when you are looking for a better car that is safer, and you need to use all seven tips below to get a car that is safe for you, make the car easier to service and give you the most information possible on the car. For instance, let us consider that you own an Audi Q4, henceforth, audi insurance gets much cheaper when you have safety features pre-installed into your car.

  1. Cameras

Any insurance company will drop your rate because you have a better field of vision with backup cameras, and you could get a car that will show you exactly where you are going, what is behind you, and what is lingering off to either side. This is a very simple thing for you to manage, and you will find that it is much easier to get cheap insurance with these cameras.

  1. The Backup Sensor

The backup sensor is something that you need in a car when you want to be as safe as possible. Most people who have a backup sensor can easily go into any parking space or pull out of a parking space because the sensor is telling when they are getting too close to an object that is nearby. You need to be sure that you have chosen a car with a sensor that makes a noise, and you can even get cheap insurance because of these sensors.

  1. Lane Sensors

Lane sensors are important when you are on the highway. A lot of people stray out of their lane when they get tired, or these people might not be able to see the lane. The car can take stock of where the car is, use the lines on the road to estimate how much space the driver has to move, and it will alert you when you are getting too close to the other lane. That technology is turned off when you signal to change lanes, but there is an override sensor that will let you know if you are too close to another car as you change lanes.

  1. Heads-Up Displays

The heads up display is something that you can use to see all the information about the car while you are still driving. You can see how fast you are going, how many RPM you are using, and the directions for your trip. You are even shown the service reminders on the screen so you know it is time to bring the car in.

  1. Satellite Navigation

It is dangerous to look at your phone to get directions, and it would be very hard for you to check your phone every time you need to take a turn. You cannot change your directions easily when you are using the phone, but you can reach for the touchscreen to check your directions easily. Each person who uses the satellite navigation system can easily talk into the system, ask the system to make changes, and even manage their phone from this screen.

  1. Phone Syncing

Phone syncing is something that you need so that you can use your phone through the car with your voice recognition. It is very easy for you to use the system because your phone was already set up to recognize your voice. You can do anything that you need from changing your music to asking for new directions. You can ask the system to send a text, or you could ask the phone to make a call for you. Car insurance is cheaper when the provider knows you have your hands on the wheel, and this is required in some states to use the phone.

  1. Emergency Braking

The emergency braking that you get out of the car will make a stop faster that you can. You cannot possibly move as fast as the car will, and you need to be sure that you have found a car that has been tested. The insurance drops when you have this safety feature.


There are many people who are trying to learn about the safety features for their cars because they want something that makes their insurance cheaper, makes the car easier to drive, and protects you when you are on the road. The car should use technology to keep you safe, and the technology should be used to make sure that you will not be in a position where you cannot protect yourself or drive defensively. The car should do much of the work for you, and you need to buy a car that actually has reviews showing these technologies work.



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