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7 Ways to Give Your Home a Deep Cleaning


Cleaning the house is a task that many people find tedious. The truth is that many people choose to stick to necessary cleaning because they believe that it is enough and that one day they will deep clean their home. 

In the end, few people find the motivation to do a thorough cleaning, leaving many parts of your home to accumulate dust and dirt for months and even years.

 In the long run, this practice will only result in your house gradually getting dirtier and dirtier.

If you are one of those types of people who find doing a deep cleaning difficult, then you should know that there are some tips to clean the house thoroughly that make the process much more bearable. 

Below we will show you seven ways to give your home a deep cleaning to help you maintain cleanliness with less effort.

Dust from top to bottom

Dusting should always be done from the upper or higher areas of the furniture down.

Dusting is one of the first actions you should take when cleaning your home to avoid dragging the dust to other areas of your home.

To remove dust from furniture and high areas, you can use a duster or damp cloth. Then you sweep or vacuum the floor.

Wash textiles

Stains on carpets, curtains and covers should be removed the moment they happen. If not, it will take longer to remove them, and they may not go away. 

Remember that deep cleaning involves your entire home, so washing every textile is a must. Maybe do one room at a time—washing curtain, cushion cover, sheets, blankets etc.

Check your appliances

Your appliances are exposed to dirt as much as the rest of your household items.

It would be best if you cleaned your appliances both inside and out. It is no use having your fridge immaculate on the outside while the inside is dirty and smells terrible. 

In addition to helping to keep your home clean, performing this cleaning from time to time will help keep your appliances in good condition.

Clean the lamps and bulbs

To do this, first, observe that they are always turned off (and not hot). Use a damp cloth to clean all lamps, being careful not to exert a lot of pressure since you could break it and cut yourself. 

If it is glass, the most appropriate way to clean them is with damp cotton gloves and go crystal for glass.

It would help if you also cleaned switches and outlets. Remember that you must be extremely careful in these cases. 

The best option is to cut the power from the area you are going to clean and use a swab moistened with a little alcohol to reach the most difficult corners.

Clean the windows yourself

Clean windows will allow sunlight to enter your home, illuminating your home more efficiently.

The best way to clean windows is with soapy water and vinegar. You can use a cloth for this, but you can also use newspaper. 

You will be surprised how well you can clean the windows with only paper. Once you finish, review the frames to make sure they are spotless.

Maintain proper ventilation in your home

Proper ventilation not only refers to opening the windows and letting the air circulate through your home. It implies that you should check your home’s ventilation systems: air conditioners, fans and ventilation ducts accumulate dust very quickly. 

Also, dust can spread rapidly to every corner of your house through the air, so clean the filters, blades and all possible areas and be sure to perform the cleaning periodically.

Hire a professional service

If you find it impossible to clean your home thoroughly either because of time or health, or it just immensely bothers you to do so, you can choose to hire Houseproud house cleaning Sydney professionals to do it for you. 

If you do, you will not have to worry about losing one or several days workdays cleaning. 

The best part is that they often do a better job because they have products and trained personnel to leave every corner of your house impeccable.

Whether you do it or if you hire someone to do it for you, deep cleaning will give your home a total change. Do not wait any longer and start as soon as possible.

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