8 Reasons Why You Should Add Rose Water To Your Hair Care Regimen


Even though it is a by-product of rose oil production, rose water is known for its versatility. It is mainly used as an ingredient during food preparation, in perfumes and even for medicinal purposes.

Rose water is highly prized for its nutritional properties and the fact that it works wonders both within and outside the human body. There’s no natural product that has matched its potential and importance in hair regimens.

Rose water helps the skin in bonding with the goodness of the world by maintaining its pH. Many use it as both a cleanser and toner.

Rose water’s amazing benefits for the Skin

Rose water helps in reducing the appearance of broken capillaries and thread veins by stimulating the circulation of blood just below the skin.

It helps to calm acne, maintain the skin’s pH, and heal both eczema and dermatitis.

Heals scars, wounds and scars by moisturizing, hydrating, smoothing and revitalizing the skin.

Rose water helps in calming the spirit and the skin, thus releasing one of anxiety and stress.

The antibacterial properties if the skin helps in toning.

It has antioxidizing properties that regenerate the skin tissues and strengthen the cells.

Wrinkles and fine lines are kept at bay due to its ability to revitalize any aging skin.

How Does Rose Water Benefit your Hair?

  • Oil Control

Rose water removes excess oil from both the hair and skin when used as a tonner. Some bodies posses extremely active sebaceous gland, and as a result, a layer of sebum is created at the hair roots and on the scalp. This results in greasy and oily hair, which can not only be extremely uncomfortable but also unsightly to look at. As a result, dust and dirt easily attach themselves on the hair. Using rose water helps in keeping such problems away.

In addition, the pH of rose water is very close to that of your natural hair. This is why rose water effortlessly restores your hair’s shine and reduce clogging of pores by oil. To clean your hair using rose water, dip a ball of cotton in rose water. Part the hair into small sections, and gently rub the cotton ball on your scalp. Patience is required for you to complete the entire head. Once through, use rose water to wash your hair so that you can remove any excess oil. This is a very effective method as it does not strip your hair of its natural oils or moisture as compared to other regular shampoos.

  • Reduced dryness

In addition to controlling excessive oils, rose water takes care of frizzy dry hair. It moisturizes and soothes the skin. Have a dry scalp always end up in dry hair, hence the need to keep your scalp hydrated. To enhance the rose water’s ability to moisturize your scalp, add equal parts of glycerine to it. Gently massage this solution into your scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse it out and let your hair dry. For best results, do this every week.

  • Conditioning

Most shampoos have a way of drying out your hair. This is because most shampoos have a pH that does not match that of your hair. To solve this problem, simply do a final rinse of your hair with rose water after rinsing out your shampoo. Your hair will be deep conditioned, look shiny and have an exotic scent for the rest of the day!

  • Repairs damaged hair

Heat and chemicals in our hair products are the number one cause of hair damage. Air drying wet hair is usually not an option for many, as there’s always no time. This is why many have resorted to blowdrying their hair as a quick fix. As a result, hair ends up being damaged due to frequent blowdrying. Rose water has the ability to treat such damaged hair, given time. To boost the capabilities of rose water, add a few drops of jojoba oil and vitamin E. Ensure the there are evenly mixed, and massage the solution into your scalp. Let it sit overnight then shampoo and rinse out in the morning.

  • Improved quality and strength

Do you have hair that easily breaks? Or whose quality has drastically reduced? Use rose water to significantly improve the quality of your hair. It increases the circulation of blood to the scalp, thereby rejuvenating hair follicles and strengthens them. As a result, there is an increased exchange of nutrients from the scalp to the hair.

  • Dandruff Reduction

Dandruff tends to be persistent and annoying. Instead of overloading your scalp with chemicals usually contained in antidandruff shampoos, use rose water that leaves your hair well moisturized and conditioned. Add a few fenugreek seeds, let the soften u then crash to make a paste. Generously apply the paste on your scalp and let it sit for 40 minutes. Shampoo and rinse it out.

  • Reduced infections

Rose water posses anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that fight infections. Rinse your scalp every few days with rose water to keep the infections at bay. The easiest method is diluting your hair products with rose water and ensuring it is uniformly mixed. Alternatively, you can add rose water essential oils; it still works magic.

  • Improved scalp

The increased blood circulation to the scalp improves its health. As a result, problems such as dandruff, excessive oils and any other that affect the scalp are kept at bay. Adding some essential oils and gently massaging your scalp with the solution helps you reap maximum benefits. A simple dab of rose water on your scalp would equally work.

The advantages of using rose water that are mentioned are just a few. To fully reap all the benefits associated with rose water, use it on a regular basis and give it some time.

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