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Whether someone wants to stay with a partner for a couple of days or wants to enjoy the night with friends in a bar, or wants to eat out with family on a special occasion. Cat and Fiddle is the best choice. When people like to stay or eat outside the home, the first choice is Sydney’s old and famous C & F Hotel, Bar and Kitchen. It is situated in Balmain, a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney. Surprisingly, It is home to many other historic hotels as well. C & F is the best choice to stay and eat at the quality and luxury hotels and restaurants.

History of Cat and Fiddle

Cat and Fiddle came into existence in 1930 as the Star Hotel. They became popular in the 80s and 90s as one of the few live music venues in Sydney. It was located near Mort’s Dock entrance, but license and name were transferred in 1930. Later the name was changed from Star Hotel to the Cat and Fiddle Hotel, which everyone is familiar with today.

Features of Cat and Fiddle

  1. What’s On: One of the best features of Cat and Fiddle is What’s On the menu. Here one can find about the happenings at the hotel. One can find exclusive deals on different days of the week. Let it be TheatreSports Monday, Golden Hour Tuesday, Curry Night Wednesday, or Steak Night Thursday. Takeaway pizzas are also available from Tuesday through Sunday. There are also live music performances on Sunday afternoons.
  2. Functions: A hotel is no good if it can’t accommodate private functions. Whether it is a corporate function, social group gathering, birthday celebration, engagement party, or even wedding reception, C&F can cater to all needs. There are huge varieties of course meals and drink menus to choose from. There is also an option to bring their cake and decoration according to personal needs. The function can accommodate a maximum number of 120 persons.
  3. Bar & Kitchen: No one can forget the Cat and Fiddle’s exclusive in-house bar and restaurant, Rita’s Bar and Restaurant, which the locals love and are famous in the darling street. It is a dining-style restaurant for friends and family where one can share and choose from a free-flowing menu every day. They are available from Wednesday through Sunday.

Rita’s Bar and Kitchen

Rita’s Bar and Kitchen is the most famous among the people on the darling street. It offers a wide variety of food, an impressive drink menu, and a soothing restaurant atmosphere where one can share and have food with their friends and family.

  1. Starters: Starters are a small quantity of food consumed as a meal’s first course. There is a wide variety of starters available at Rita’s. from Marinated Mixed Olives to Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche; one can enjoy a huge range of starters.
  2. Main: The main course is the most important meal. One can find a lot of main courses to choose from. Delicious Rump Steak to mouth-watering Lamb Shoulder, one can find their favourite main course meal they can ever think of.
  3. From the Wood Fire: Wood Fire meals are considered the most natural form of a meal as wood is natural and the oldest form to make food. Here at Rita’s, Pizzas are specially cooked from the wood fire giving them a delicious natural taste. One can find a large variety of pizzas from Margherita to Gamberi. 
  4. Salads & Sides: One cannot forget the importance of salads in a meal. Rita’s also provides a good variety of salads & sides to choose from. One can find anything from Heirloom Tomato Salad to Charred Broccolini.

Cat and Fiddle provide everything one can think of. Whether one is a couple, tourist, family, or a group of corporate people, Cat and Fiddle cater needs for all. From high-class luxury hotel rooms to well-known in-house Rita’s Bar and Restaurant, Cat and Fiddle should be considered one of the first choices visiting Sydney.

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