A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Whistleblower Claims Attorney


Hiring a trained and experienced Fort Lauderdale whistleblower claims attorney to represent you in your claim is one of the imperative choices you can make. Well, the internet is a helpful tool when it comes to gathering and comparing information about attorneys and law firms. However, you should be aware that some websites might misrepresent an individual’s experience and success when it comes to handling whistleblowers’ claims. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right attorney.

Analyze the attorney’s success with whistleblower lawsuits

Hire an attorney with an outstanding experience and has a great record of success with the type of whistleblower case you have. It’s recommended to request for specific examples of the lawyer’s success cases. You can also check the attorney’s website to get a list of the cases they have ever filed and litigated.

Area of expertise

Some law firms and lawyers design online platforms that make them appear as they specialize in handling whistleblower claims, but they specialize in other areas of the law. Note that Dodd-Frank, False Claims Act, and other whistleblower laws are complicated. Misrepresentation of the provisions associated with these laws could harm your claim.

Before you hire any lawyer or law firm, consider their reputation and general approach to client service. If the lawyer takes a considerable duration to respond to various requests about legal representation, you should expect to wait for the same amount of time if not longer if you opt to hire that lawyer.

Keep in mind that the success or failure of your claim will hinge on timing. For example, your claim might be barred by the statute of limitations if you wait for too long to file it. Besides, an SEC whistleblower won’t qualify for an award if another entity reports the violation to the SEC first. Lastly, make sure you are hiring someone who will work on your claim. There are countless attorney referral companies that tend to sell different cases to law firms.


Whistleblower cases are expensive and require a lot of resources. The law firm you plan to work with should have other lawyers available to help with your case whenever the attention of multiple experts is necessary. Additionally, there are numerous out-of-pocket expenses that the lawyer or the law firm should take care of. For instance, the cost of hiring a professional consultant to do the necessary analysis to bolster your allegation and in some cases, litigation expenses.

Filing a whistleblower claim is a challenging decision. Thus, you need a lawyer that can effectively guide you to make the right choices about your case and maximize your opportunity of winning. Therefore, you need to do more than just browsing different lawyer and law firms’ profiles on the internet. Dig deeper to get details regarding the lawyer’s or firm’s reputation, their general approach to customer service, the area of expertise, and other aspects that may have a direct impact on the success of your claim.

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