A Few Frequently Asked Questions for Liposuction


A consultation is an exciting first step in the direction of your desired transformation and you should not underestimate its significance. In addition to giving you the chance to share your aesthetic goals and learn about the process, the initial consultation provides you with an opportunity to learn about your potential plastic surgeon, to make you feel comfortable with their qualifications and to be confident in their ability to achieve the desired results. During your Liposuction Miami appointment, you should ask your plastic surgeon the following questions:

What qualifications do you have?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that should only be carried out by a qualified and board-certified plastic surgeon. Although it is best to research liposuction before consulting any surgeon, ensure that your prospective surgeon has been licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery during your appointment.

How often do you perform liposuction?

Your procedure outcomes are a direct outcome of the surgeon’s abilities. Therefore, a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in liposuction and other body contouring procedures must be picked.

Do I eligible for this procedure?

Even though liposuction is appropriate for the wide range of patients, all are not eligible for this treatment. Your plastic surgeon should explore your medical history, assess your skin tone and elasticity, and make sure you benefit from this procedure. In certain cases, before liposuction, a weight loss program can be prescribed as certain types of weight excess such as intraabdominal fat cannot be eliminated by liposuction.

Will this procedure accomplish my goals?

It is important to discuss your goals and expectations frankly with your plastic surgeon to ensure your satisfaction with the results. Talk to the team of bodybycraft, they are pleased to explain the expected results of the treatment and let you know if liposuction will meet your aesthetic goals realistically. In certain cases, an alternative body contouring treatment may be prescribed for you in place of, or conjunction with liposuction.

Where will the surgery take place?

While liposuction is an ambulatory procedure, it should not be done outside a fully accredited operation center or hospital.

What are the benefits of liposuction?

If you have done your research on liposuction, you may already know numerous benefits. But, a qualified surgeon explains them further and how liposuction in Miami may especially be advantageous to you.

What risks are involved in liposuction?

Before undergoing this procedure, it is essential to understand the risks associated with liposuction. Assessing your comfort level with the inherent risks of cosmetic surgery helps you find out if liposuction is the right choice.

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