It’s no secret that lots of people today are bothered with the question of obtaining a reliable juicer. Currently the market is overwhelmed with the products of this kind, offering a whole variety of models from practically all the available manufacturers. Yet, picking the first one you get across is not an option when it comes to choosing a durable device that will serve you faithfully in a long run. Therefore, making an in-depth market research is usually a matter of proper money investment and one’s quiet sleep. With this as a concept, we’ve picked a couple of sales hits to help you define the best juicer to buy and operate.

Get to know the price range and the models’ technical characteristics

To begin with, all the juice extractors are differentiated by the type and, as derived from the headline, by the cost equivalent. The price range may vary from $15 to $500 and to even some couple of thousand dollars. However, picking ajuicer by the price is not quite a correct approach to the matter. The primary aspect you should focus on is functionality, which usually has a direct influence on the overall product’s operation and the quality of juice you consume. Thus, such type of a juicer as centrifugal refers to a more affordable category of products. However the heat it creates has a tendency to alter the juice and eliminate quite a part of vitamins. On the other hand, masticating machines are deprived of such a shortcoming and offer a higher quality of the beverages they produce. Yet, to get those benefits you’ll have to pay more.

Choose one of the following


This model belongs to the classic centrifugal type of machines that have been produced for a couple of decades now. However, in terms of reliability and parts quality Breville 800JEXL has left all the competitors far behind. A two-gear 1000-watt device can easily deal with fruits and vegetables of any kind. A titanium-plated cutting disc will do the job in practically no time.


Omega 8006 is a bright representative of the masticating juicers that unlike centrifugal, don’t use the rotating speed to cut fruits/vegetables. It is designed to crush them against a mesh screen performed of stainless steel. The product boasts an auto pulp ejection function and a dual-stage juicing system. In combination with a 15-year warranty it arrives as a truly interesting option to choose.


This two-gear masticating juicer will just get the most out of your produces while protecting the nutrients at the same time. What makes it distinct from the rest of products on the market is the fact it can be used as a grinder or mincer to make nut butters baby food and more. All in all, it easily juices most fruits and vegetables and grinds nuts. The model is easy to clean and assemble. Its 12-year warrantywill, probably, leave no one indifferent.