A Guide to Find Student Accommodations Near the University of Sydney  


The University of Sydney is one of the prestigious universities in Australia. It has a rich history of more than 160 years. While imparting quality education, the University also focuses on creating future leaders for servicing the community better. 

Candidates from across different countries come to the University for embarking on a new journey. Arranging accommodation near the University not only saves time but travel costs too. The travelling time saved can be used productively towards planning your study assignments and submissions. 

Finding a suitable place to live is as simple as visiting iglu.com.au. Below is a guide that shall be of use while finding student accommodations near the University. 

Housing Budget

While opting for an off-campus stay, it is important to understand the housing cost to be incurred. A student is required to shell out rent and the security deposit for the accommodation facilities. Exploring a few options helps in choosing a competitive deal. 

Availing of student discounts can aid in getting a better price. While accounting for the housing budget, you must also consider other expenses like gas, electricity, and internet connectivity. Also, if the apartment is semi-furnished, you will have to invest in some furniture.   

Start the House Hunt Soon

Accommodations in the vicinity of the University get booked pretty fast. The occupancies increase as the semester start approaches. It is advisable to begin the search for the premises at least two to three months in advance. 

This allows some time to explore a few options before the final selection. You may browse the internet and learn about the available options with a few clicks.  

Survey the House

It is essential to inspect the house in person before the finalization. A detailed inspection helps in gauging the maintenance of the property. In case any repair work is needed, it should be brought to the notice of the landowner. 

Make a note of the furniture available in the house to decide on the amount of furnishing needed. The house tour also aids in planning the placement of your belongings. This makes the moving in process smooth. 

Get Your Doubts Cleared 

It is important to understand the expectations of the landlord. You must fix a meeting and get all your doubts cleared. Discuss the type of utilities available and the rentals for its usage upfront. Let the landowner know if you are bringing your pet along. 

You may also enquire about the visitors and guest policy, parking space, and common facilities like laundry. Ambiguities should be cleared before the deal is sealed to avoid disparities in the future. You must ensure all the discussed terms are correctly captured in the agreement. In the case of any concerns, do not shy away from scheduling a discussion again. 

Explore the Surroundings

You must travel around and see the surroundings of the premises. Exploring makes you aware of the distance at which retail outlets and other facilities are available. Easy access to the market makes grocery shopping less trouble-some. The availability of pharmacies and doctors looks after your health requirements.  Moreover, a well-connected transport route doesn’t hinder your movements.

 Keeping in mind the above points, check out several websites and experience less struggle and more ease while choosing accommodation near the University of Sydney. 


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