A Guide to Keep Your Pet Gerbil Safe and Happy


Gerbils make for adorable and friendly pets, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. They are easy to keep, but to bring a pet home, no matter how small it is, requires some preparation. You have to make sure that your pet gerbil stays safe and happy, and for that, you need to give them an excellent spot to thrive. You can check out sites like this site for more details. Here is a brief guide on how you can give your pet gerbil all the care and safety it needs.

  • Make Them Comfortable

When you bring your pet gerbil home, give them some time to get used to the new environment and the people of your home. Allow them to settle in before you start handling them. First, leave food for them in their enclosure. Then, feed them through the bars of the cage. Next, offer them food from your hands and see if they take it. Then, offer them food with the cage open.

Lastly, spread your palms and see if they hop on. This entire process could take up to ten or fifteen days. It would help if you were patient as the gerbil becomes familiar with you and feels safe that you won’t harm them.

  • Give Them Space to Move Around

Gerbils are quite active, so they need slightly larger cages than other rodent pets, even if they are relatively small. Twenty-four inches by twelve inches cage should be the minimum size.

You may also use a glass aquarium with a deep layer of bedding, which will allow them to burrow, as is their instinct. Doing this in a wire cage could cause a mess as the substrate would fall through the bars. As long as they can move and climb and burrow, they should be happy.

  • Keep Them Away from Predators

If you stay in a place where there are stray cats, crows, or wild owls in the vicinity, make sure you keep the cage away from their clutches. Merely locking the cage firmly is not enough. The predators might not be able to get to them, but if they continuously keep circling the cage, it can be very emotionally distressing for your pet gerbil. The predators might even manage to open the latch as some cats do. So, it will help if you choose a safe spot for your gerbil. Check sites like this site to know more about your pet’s safety:

  • Shield Them from Extreme Weather Conditions

Your gerbil should not be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, nor should they be allowed to soak in the rain. Keep the enclosure of your pet gerbil indoors but close to a bright window or balcony. That way, they will enjoy the bright sunlight and fresh air without being overexposed.

Too much heat or too much rain will also over-dry or thoroughly soak the substrate, which is not good. You can cover the cage with a cloth at night when it is time for them to sleep and are not disturbed.

Add to that a good diet and regular vet check-ups, and you will be able to ensure that your pet gerbil stays a long and happy life, feeling completely safe and secure in your home.


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