A Premium Laptop Will Carry You Far in This Decade


We do all sorts of “fresh start” related things and actions as the new year begins. Since 2020 is also the beginning of a new decade, you should consider getting fresh equipment for your work and play too. If getting a new laptop is one of the things on your list, you came to the right spot since we will share how a premium laptop will carry you this decade,which is actually a more sustainable and cheaper in the long run.

These days, most laptop-producing companies try to make their products work properly as long as their warranties last, which is typically up to two years. For us, we feel it is highly unpractical to change our laptops every two years. As such, we always prefer to purchase high-quality laptops that can last longer, or even a whole decade if possible.

Thus, we will try to show you can try to find a premium laptop that will carry you this decade. Furthermore, we strongly believe that purchasing a premium laptop is cheaper in the long run and also more environmentally friendly, and not to mention that you get to own and work on a top-performing laptop.

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Why is it cheaper to buy a premium laptop?

Let’s say you purchase a cheaper laptop that comes at a highly affordable price. Based on our own experience and current market reports, this won’t last you much longer than 1 year on average before encountering issues. After that period, it will simply not be able to work smoothly, and it is highly possible that some essential components will break down.

However, if you do decide to select a premium laptop, the chances of it lasting at least say, 5 years, are high. This means you will spend half of this new decade using a top-notch laptop instead of purchasing 3-4 midrange laptops. Thus, you can afford to spend up to 3 times as much money on a premium laptop, and still spend a lower overall amount on your laptop. What seems an incredibly high price now is suddenly put into perspective if you realize that a premium laptop will last you longer.

We must all be as sustainable as possible in 2020

Whether you are environmentally aware or not, the world needs us all to do our very best to be as sustainable in all areas of our lives. As such, it is way better to have a premium laptop that will carry you this decade compared to using three average laptops. Electronics in the form of waste are a huge problem and it is up to us to add that fact into consideration at the time of purchasing.

Our recommendation, Razor Blade vs. other laptops

There are quite a lot of premium laptops available on the market and they can all be a good fit. However, based on our experience, Razer’s laptops stand out in these prestige crowd, especially when it comes to gaming laptops. It is known for its quality, performance, and overall amazing experience be it for work or play.Its Razer Blade gaming laptop is available in 13″, 15″, and 17″ sizes and come with different specs to best serve your needs. Whether you are a gamer or a designer, Razer Blade can without a doubt be a premium laptop that will carry you this decade.

In conclusion, getting a great laptop, financially, will cover you for the long run. Don’t succumb to great deals for cheap laptops as these are not likely to last long. Go for quality this decade, starting today.

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