A simple checklist to prevent mosquitoes from visiting your home


You must be agreeing that mosquitoes are never pleasant visitors to your home. We hate mosquitoes because their bites cause irritation and itchiness along with other infections. Moreover, they bring health-related issues and create discomfort. In short, they are threatening to human life. Here, we are mentioning a checklist that allows you to minimize the risk of pesky mosquitoes by banning their entry. And, you can also call the exterminator near me to do the work.

Avoid mosquitoes’ entry

Mosquitoes and other pests can’t enter your home unless there is an entry point. Therefore, it is required to close all the entryways. Close all the doors and windows in the evening.

Prevent mosquitoes breeding

A simple step in the process is to not creating a hospitable environment in your home. This will avert the breeding of mosquitoes inside or near your home. Some of the places where you can find mosquitoes breed are mentioned –

  • Kitchen spaces and water bodies.
  • Garbage collection spaces like lofts, ditches, sink areas, and other places where they can create their nest.
  • Leaky faucets, hoses, or sprinkler systems.
  • Impure water collected in pet water bowls, flower vases, or birdbaths.
  • Open containers such as buckets, pots, or boxes.
  • Unused water.
  • Overwatered plants or lawns.

Installing mosquito screens

Installing mosquito nets and screens is one of the cheapest measures in which you can invest to keep mosquitoes away. Using the screens not only prevents the entry of mosquitoes and also other pests.

Cleaning water storage vessels

The female mosquitoes mostly lay eggs near the water bodies like ponds, swimming pools, and other water collection tanks. So, it is advisable to circumvent the water collection by following certain methods.

  • Water tanks should be sealed.
  • There shouldn’t be any rifts on the cover, lids, and inlet pipes.
  • Installing the removable screen mesh.

Whom to call for preventing the entry of mosquitoes?

After looking at the checklist, the next thing to do is contact the best company like Guardian Home to get their services. Our offered solutions help you in not coming in contact with mosquitoes at home.

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