Are you looking for a way to ‘snatch’ your waist? Sexy corsets are growing in popularity as women discover the secret, to shaping their bodies and slimming their waists.

Corsets are made from a strong and flexible fabric (satin, cotton or mesh) that is reinforced with steel boning. Th steel boning gives the corset strength to slim in the waist and accentuates your bust and hips.

Variety of styles

  • Underbust corsets – Underbust corsets are worn right under the breasts, up to the start of your lap. You can wear them as undergarments or as a fashion accessory, to make a statement. They provide an hourglass shape but don’t support the breasts.
  • Overbust corsets – Overbust corsets usually begin right under your arms and end above the hip. They can be worn underneath corsets in place of a bra or an Underbust corset. You may also opt to wear it as a top. They reduce the waistline and lift up the breasts.

Beautiful range of sexy corsets

Underbust and overbust corsets come in a wide variety of beautiful designs. Some of the most popular and impressive types of underbust corsets include;

  • Waist trainers/ cinchers- A waist cincher is elastic shapewear that also serves as an undergarment. Usually when working out. They can only create a temporary hourglass figure.
  • Bodice- Has straps and ends around the natural waist-line. Use this to support your back and shoulders.
  • Long line- Usually extends over the hips. If you are a tall woman with a long torso, this corset is perfect.
  • Cincher- An underbust that’s shorter at the sides but longer at the centre front and back.

Over busts offer a wide variety of beautiful corsets. They include;

  • Lingerie corsets- Lingerie corsets are more revealing. They are designed with a sexy G-string and are detailed in lace or silk. The detachable garters are used for holding up the stockings.
  • Cupped corsets- Have comfortable pads built-in, to support your bust.
  • Sweetheart neckline- This classic and feminine overbust corset is perfect for formal events and weddings.

Note that sexy corsets and bustiers are different. A bustier is designed to uplift your breasts and smooth your midsection. A corset clinches your waist, giving you an hourglass figure that a bustier can’t.

Wearing sexy corsets is completely safe and recommended by various celebrities. Corsets are also helpful in correcting posture and easing back pain.