What to Do If the Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Right Away?


Almost every car accident is a traumatic event, and it is natural.  Sometimes people think that their injuries are not so severe, and they do not find any damage symptoms. Yes, it can be possible, and it has many causes. By this article, I will tell the reasons of not feeling pain just after an accident and also inform the right of an injured person after the incident. Everyone should monitor the parts of the body after the crash.

Car Accidents Are Exciting

If a person is saved from an accident, then he or she can be excited, and it is natural. At that time he or she starts to believe that he or she is fine. Actually, due to the excitement, the body generates adrenaline and endorphins, and these two chemicals help to increase the body’s energy level, and the person does not feel pain. But after sometimes when the excitement level is low then feel pain, because the level of adrenaline and endorphins decrease. Just like a player, who does not feel pain at the time of playing, but after ending the game always feel pain.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Muscles, ligaments and tendons are considered “soft tissue.” The tissues often damage in a car accident. Even a car runs in low-speed then also generates lots of force, and the soft tissue of the driver and the passengers can be affected.

The soft tissues injuries result in pain, but the pain can’t be felt just after the accident. It may take one day to several days to realize the pain. An X-ray, can’t find soft tissue injuries, there are several methods such as MRI can find the soft tissue damages. Soft tissues injuries don’t show up right away.

Concussions after the Car Accident

The skulls protect our brains, and the skulls are hard and durable, but due to head injury, our brain can be damaged temporarily or permanently. Due to the accident, a person may sustain a concussion for a small period or extended period.

Symptoms of the Concussion

  1. headache
  2. nausea
  3. dizziness
  4. blurry vision
  5. clouded thinking, etc.

If a person finds above symptoms, then he or she might have a have a concussion and should consult with a physician for the proper treatment.

Ask a Doctor Just After the Accident

After the car crash, the persons including the driver should see a doctor for the medical check-up. If a person feels better and does not find any symptom then also should go to the physician and should take the advice of the doctor. Thy physicians know the effects of an injury. The medical treatment should be started within the time limit.

If The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Refuses To Pay
An injured person has right to get compensation, but sometimes the insurance company refuses to pay and argues that the driver has the fault and is not entitled to get money. This time only an expert team of lawyers or a lawyer such as Christensen & Hymas can help to get the compensation and the medical treatment’s expenses. It may be possible the injury shows up later, but the person has right to get the medical care’s expenses.

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