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What Are the Different Uses of Adhesives in Industrial Manufacturing?


Adhesives and glues have countless advantages such as sealing, protection and joining systems due to which they have been receiving a tremendous growth in usage in areas of maintenance, manufacturing and construction. Adhesive glues like Cemedine Super X and Cemedine Super X 8008are being used for various purposes of joining and protecting.

Currently, a lot of industries and sectors use adhesive glues as part of their processes ranging from using adhesives as a system for closure in the packaging industry to the usage of adhesives as a construction system for complex structures like buses, trains, airplanes, skyscrapers or cars.

The first sector that promoted the usage of adhesives was aerospace, which used adhesives in the manufacturing process of aircraft because of its advantages over the earlier methods like bolting and welding. Shortly after using adhesives in aerospace, other industries joined for using adhesives for joint solutions and product improvements.

Product Manufacturing

Without the use of these adhesive glues, it would be next to impossible for manufacturing products and materials that are used by us in our day to day life like the panels in honeycomb shape that are used in different sectors of construction that provide extra strength with a very lightweight structure, the composite medical material that is used for reconstructing our teeth and office supplies like post-it.

Automobile Industry

In the recent years, even the automotive industry has seen a growth in the use of adhesives and glues. The automotive industry uses adhesives in their manufacturing process for the purpose of joining the car’s interior parts and forming the car racks. Due to this, a lot of rivets and welds are eliminated, which makes the cars safer and lighter in the crash tests that are developed to test the durability of the adhesives.

Other Significant Uses

Here are a few uses of adhesives as bonding materials for the purpose of manufacturing and construction of sea, air and ground vehicles:

  1. Adhesive glues are used for bonding the racks or structures of the vehicles.
  2. They are also used for bonding the rear, side and front window glasses.
  3. These glues can also be used for bonding the structure of body roof.
  4. Side panels of the vehicles are also bonded by using adhesives.
  5. The floor is also bonded using adhesives.
  6. The vehicles that have cabins also use adhesives to bond these cabins.
  7. Different elements of the vehicle are bonded using adhesives.

There are various uses of adhesives, but the main usage is to bond substrates. Some other uses could be waterproofing, corrosion prevention, oxidation prevention, sealing screws that might loosen up due to load, sealing pipes etc. Any industrial grade adhesive glue could be used for achieving the above mentioned purposes. Different adhesives have different adhesive strength. The stronger the adhesive strength, the better the hold is, but some cohesive strength is also required so that it is easy to apply to the surfaces. A good industrial grade adhesive has the right ratio of adhesiveness and cohesiveness. These are the uses of adhesive glues in manufacturing.

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