Birth control pills obtain from are used to prevent ovulation from occurring, so a woman cannot get pregnant. Generally, these pills are taken for 21 days and then a 7-day break is made, in which the woman will have her menstrual period.

How do they work?

Birth control pills buy from くすりエクスプレス 公式 are made up of two hormones, called estrogen and progesterone, which prevent the woman’s body from producing an egg (female gamete). Therefore, if they are consumed as indicated in the instructions, the chances of the woman becoming pregnant are minimal.

Where can you buy?

The contraceptive pills at https://www.ベストケンコー.co can be bought without prescription in any pharmacy. However, it is important that you consult with your doctor before you start taking them, as they are not convenient for all women.

What types of birth control pills are available?

There are many types of birth control pills on the market, so your doctor will tell you which pill is best for you. This happens because there are some that have combinations of hormones that can help reduce menstrual symptoms or other health problems.

What is the effectiveness of contraceptive pills?

  • If taken correctly, birth control pills are 99% successful.
  • Does the contraceptive pill prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases?
  • The contraceptive pill is only effective in preventing an unwanted pregnancy, so you should use condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the risks?

The possible risks that can take the taking of contraceptive pills are:

  • Blood clots
  • For women smokers, the consumption of birth control pills may increase the risks of contracting certain diseases
  • Stroke
  • Higher risk of breast cancer (little chance)
  • Increased risk of cervical cancer (low probability)

Contraceptive pills are not recommended for women with any of the following characteristics:

  • Women who must rest for a period of time
  • Women who are overweight
  • Those women smokers older than 35 years
  • Women who have a family history of blood clots, heart attacks, or a stroke

What are the advantages?

  • Contraceptive pills do not cause an interruption in the sexual act
  • They are very effective in preventing pregnancy if taken correctly
  • They can reduce acne and improve the skin
  • Does not affect the chances of getting pregnant after you stop taking them
  • Helps to reduce the symptoms of menstruation, such as periods of heavy bleeding or pain
  • The risk of ovarian cancer is reduced

What are the disadvantages?

In some cases, women may have one or more of these symptoms when taking birth control pills:

  • Headaches
  • Sensitivity in the breasts
  • Changes in weight
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Nausea and gastrointestinal upset
  • Changes in appetite
  • Humour changes
  • In some cases, contraceptive pills can make acne worse

What happens if you are taking other medications?

It is very important that you notify the taking of these pills before you start taking any other medication.