Why Air Conditioner Bill Is Going Out of Control? How to Resolve It?


Shockingly, the figures on electricity bills lately look insanely crazy. HVAC contributes 43% to the total utility bill figures. Air conditioner is a necessity, especially when the temperatures are above normal. However, you can take steps to reduce the bill because now you know the culprit.

Reasons why electricity bill keep soaring

Faulty AC ducts

Check ducts for holes, disconnects, torn insulation, and partial blockages. Obviously, a small damage in the ducts does not allow the cool air to flow efficiently inside the room, even if the unit performs well. It means you are paying for air, which is escaping or you are not using.

Solution – Get ducts of the air conditioner checked from Lloyd technician regularly to enjoy better cooling. Regular maintenance helps to detect other mechanical issues early. This ensures optimal performance as well as energy saving.

Poor house insulation

Surprisingly, the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures impact the air conditioner performance and consequently the electric bill. House with poor insulation allows most of the cool air to escape.

Solution – contact professionals to perform home energy audit. They will advice or suggest ways to enhance insulation. As soon as you rectify the insulation issue, electric bill will significantly decline.

Thermostat switch on

Thermostat ensures that the unit operates at maximum efficiency. Keeping the thermostat on all the time even when you are not at home or there are no guests in the guestroom or the already cool basement can be waste of power and money.

Solution – The answer is to transit to digital programmable thermostat and system zoning. Programmable setting is the most valuable feature of digital thermostat. System zoning helps in maintaining the comfortable cooling level in every room.

Inefficient unit

If you are ignoring routine air conditioner maintenance then this may be the main cause, you are paying hefty electricity bills. When regular service is ignored the unit’s overall performance gets affected, which causes it to use more electricity than normal.

Solution – Dirt and grime accumulate easily inside the unit [outdoor and indoor]. This needs to be eliminated or else it can hinder the air flow and air quality. Regular maintenance allows handling issue in their early stage. Delays can turn the issue into an expensive one. Inefficiencies identified need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Old unit needs replacement

An old air conditioner uses lots of power because as it ages its efficiency reduces.

Solution – The best option is to get a new unit. Certainly, replacing means hefty investment but the advantage of dual inverter model is that you save on electricity bills because of in-built enhanced energy efficient features.

Other factors which can help in reducing power consumption

  • Turn air conditioner low at night or use sleep mode.
  • Make sure that the area surrounding the outdoor unit is clear to allow free air flow. Hose it regularly to remove dirt that sticks to fan making the unit work hard.
  • Make sure the vents flow in right direction, so rearrange the furniture which obstructs the vents.
  • Allow the unit to cool in the morning and open the windows.

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