Airtel Prepaid Recharge: The Best Features


The best part about the Airtel prepaid recharge plans is that they are very customer friendly. Most of the plans launched by the company are modified from time to time taking into account market demands, customer trends and competitor strategies.

Recharge or top-up of your Airtel prepaid connection can now be done online. Payments are made using credit cards, debit cards and Netbanking. If you are recharging from a recharge reseller site like Paytm, Mobikwik or Phonepay, you can use the reseller’s virtual wallet for Airtel prepaid recharge.

Just like the other cellular competitors, Airtel too has different recharge plans that can be broadly divided into:-

  1. Full Talk Time plans: Talk time plans are meant for those customers who use the mobile phone primarily to make calls or receive calls. Though receiving of calls is now free of cost all over the country, some operators deduct a certain amount on a per call basis when the subscriber is using the connection on roaming. Talk time plans are generally inclusive of taxes- hence when you recharge for a certain amount of money, the actual talk time that you get is less (the amount you paid minus the taxes).  However, most of the cellular operators these days have the full talk time plans where the talk time received is equal to the entire amount you pay.
  2. Local Calling packs: under these online recharge plans; the outgoing local calls are cheaper than the other plans. Thus if you are someone who loves to chat up with friends and family in the locality or region where you reside, this is the type of plan that is just right for you.
  3. Outgoing Calling Pack: if you travel a lot and use your mobile phone frequently at outstation locations, then this is the pack that you need to purchase. You will get the best deal, it is guaranteed hundred percent.
  4. Roaming Plan: since the calling rate in each state of the country is priced differently, for someone who is a regular traveler and needs to use his phone a lot for calling purpose, should buy this type of Airtel prepaid recharge plan. The reason behind the existence of roaming charges is that in India there is no uniformity of call rates – each state or circle offers separate licenses to mobile operators at different costs. Not only outgoing calls, even incoming calls are charged when on roaming. Hence it is prudent to buy this pack for all regular travelers.
  5. Data packs: there are different kinds of data connectivity recharge plans. For example there are 2G, 3G and 4G data packs that are currently in use. If you are too internet savvy and use your smart phone extensively for surfing the net, you obviously want high speeds – go in for the 4G one. Remember most of the handsets available in the market today support 2G and 3G data networks – for 4G you would have to probably upgrade from your old handset to a new one.

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