All You Need to Know About Dog Harnesses     


Purchasing the best dog harnesses for your dog is about more than just picking out something that looks cool. It’s about ensuring your canine companion will be safe, comfortable, and happy when on a walk with you. 

There are a lot of different harness designs out there, from the basic harness to more specialized ones designed for dogs with unique needs. There is much to choose from when to ensure you pick a good option like an Ice Fang harness to ensure your furry friend has the best time in it. 

What are Dog Harnesses?

Dog harnesses are attachments that can be strapped to the front, back, or sides of a dog’s body to provide them with additional support. The purpose is not to replace a leash but rather to give you more control in certain circumstances when walking your dog in crowded places where pulling on the leash is more likely to have negative consequences.

What Are Dog Harnesses Used For?

Dog harnesses can be used in many situations. The most common use is when walking your dog in crowded public areas that don’t allow dogs without a leash. They are also useful for dogs that pull on their leash and need more guidance. 

A standard harness will give you better control over your pet when they need it most. It also helps distribute the pressure of a potential sudden pull, preventing neck injuries and vocal cord damage. These accessories can also prevent dogs from slipping out of their collars when they try to lunge. 


What to Look for When Buying a Dog Harness?

Before purchasing a harness like an Ice Fang harness, you need to evaluate the type of activity your pet is involved in and what types of problems they may have with a leash or collar. 

Some dogs will require more guidance than others, while some will be completely reliable on the lead, but many other factors need to be evaluated, such as the following:

Fit: when purchasing a dog harness, you need to make sure it fits properly before leaving the shop. It needs to be comfortable enough so that your pet stops pulling away from you in an attempt to escape. 

Material: no matter what type of material is used in manufacturing the harness, it needs to be comfortable for your dog, while also being durable. 

Attachment Points: the harness needs to have at least two attachment points to provide you with greater control over your pet. The leash ring needs to be securely attached and placed in a position that will not irritate the skin or restrict natural movement.

Breed-Specific Harnesses: specific types of harnesses designed for certain dog breeds or per the size and body shape. For example, Labrador retrievers and German shepherds require special protective harnesses due to their muscle mass and physical strength, making the Ice Fang harness a suitable choice for them. 

Dog harnesses are not a replacement for leashes but rather an additional step in providing your pet with more guidance when they need it most. 


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