Alton Ingram MD Looks at Facial Plastic Surgery in Florida


The fact that plastic and cosmetic surgery is popular in Florida is no secret. The sunshine state is particularly popular with the older generation, yet many people who live there don’t look a day over 40, which is largely down to plastic surgery. Dr. Alton Ingram MD has worked in the state for most of his career. Over those years, he has seen standards of plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as pre- and post-operative care, improve tremendously. He has also been involved in almost every motion to improve drug access provisions to make cosmetic surgery safer overall. However, what he has been most interested in, is seeing how the industry has developed and how people have changed in terms of what procedures they look for.

Alton Ingram MD on Plastic Surgery in Florida

Dr. Ingram’s research has shown that there continue to be significant differences in preferences for surgery between the genders. While this may be unsurprising in terms of procedures such as the breast and buttocks lift, the differences are also obvious in other areas. For instance, women tend to have deeper skin wrinkles in the perioral area, which is the skin around the mouth.

This is something that has grabbed Dr. Ingram’s attention. He believes more knowledge and awareness needs to be created about why there are such pronounced differences between how men wrinkle and how women wrinkle. He feels that, once that has been achieved, better treatment can be developed as well that is appropriate for all the genders. So far, he has found a number of key reasons why the perioral skin in a woman is more likely to wrinkle:

  1. Women have fewer sweat glands in the perioral area, and fewer sebaceous glands, responsible for the production of sebum, which lubricates hair and skin.
  2. Women have fewer blood vessels in the perioral area. This means that their skin isn’t as vascularized, which could potentially make wrinkles develop quicker.
  3. A woman’s muscular fibers are attached to the dermis (skin) around the mouth in a much closer manner than with men. It is believed that this leads to inward traction, which means wrinkles are more likely to become deeper as well.

Numerous treatment options exist to help those whose skin is starting to wrinkle. Those that Dr. Ingram most often sees include chemical peels, lasers, wrinkle fillers, and Botox. Yet, for all of these available tools, it seems that it continues to be very difficult to treat the perioral wrinkles, a challenge that most plastic and cosmetic surgeons are struggling with.

According to Alton Ingram MD, it is vital that medical professionals go back to basics. They must once again go back to human anatomy, understanding how the body works and why, instead of focusing solely on developing products that stop the passage of time. Once physicians truly understand the body, they will also be far more able to create more appropriate products and interventions that stop people from ageing prematurely.

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