Nothing can beat a writer who always meets deadlines and never disappoints you.  This is what WAC does when you decide to use itwhen creating content for your SEO campaigns or link building. This simple investment changes your online exposure. Content is the king, so once you enough articles, you will be above your competitors. This software not only gives your new material to use daily, but it also gives you quality articles. The best thing is that it’s an investment that you make once and you can use it to build as many articles as you want.  They have a 30-day return guarantee, which means you can get a refund if it does not work as promised. If you are just starting, you can go for the basic version. It only costs $35, and it’s perfect for link building articles or any other use that does not require highly readable articles.

Features of the WAC basic versions

Availability of Free API

  • API enables you to create numerous articles in the Wicked Article Creator and later import them using different link building tools. It only takes a single click to do this.

Makes using keywords easier

  • Wicked Article Creator helps you to generate keywords. The software generates many articles that are relevant to your niche. This ensures that you get quality and crappy content that will not help your SEO campaign or link building.

Immense Tweaks

  • You have options to tweak your articles in several ways.  This refers to changing paragraphs, number of lines and variations in each line. It means the software spins your content on three different levels; word level, sentence level and paragraph level.

Attaching tags and links

  • It is easy and fast to add links and tags to your content. These are mostly replaced with images and videos in your content. You can also replace them with a href link tag of your choice.

Video and Image Scrapper

  • WACmakes it possible to scrap videos and images. You can choose what you want and remove what you do not need, giving your articles a unique format after spinning.

Importing and exporting made easy

  • The basic Wicked Article Creator Version makes it easy to save articles in one XML file. It only takes a single right click, and there you have, your articles readily available for different assignments and tasks.

Automatic Files

This software helps to remove junk from your content. It also gets rid of links including encoded texts, illegitimate characters, website links and anything else that can hinder article writing.

Wicked Article Creator

There are more than 5 million articles, and all basic members have access to the Wicked Article Creator database.

WAC is the ultimate article spinner for anyone looking forward to come up with excellent articles.  It is an efficient tool that ensures quality content that meets your needs. You will never have to deal with plagiarism when using this software.  It is a valuable content creator system that you need to change how you view content creation.