The Amazon FBA sourcing agent helps in locating the suppliers, and to check the quality of product, also manages the labelling as Amazon standard, and managing the shipping. The whole importing process is handled (managing) by them. It is a FBA sourcing China Company and is also having a branch in China. Also they have several years of experience in sourcing, preparing and shipping the best sourcing products to Amazon FBA warehouse.

FBA sourcing service is a trustworthy service which allows us to relax and depend on FBA sourcing service from finding the service and to end with the direct delivery of products to Amazon warehouse. Everything is looked after by them starting from designing, packaging, labelling, certifications etc. It also supervises the preparation process, managing the logistics, to be sure the products reach Amazon warehouse, and everything is done by professionals at

FBA Prep – They have a committed a team which helps us to be peaceful and tension free about the quality of products.  It is the most trusted by customers as they maintain the value and integrity of the brands. Their main features are –

  1. Product inspections – The team will properly inspect the products. This helps in returning the damaged goods and also without any postal charges, quickly replacing the damaged goods. The products can be sent to warehouse by the suppliers.

  1. Product labelling – If the product FBA label is sent the product labelling can be done even if the product doesn’t have barcode. Once the process is complete the products will be packed and prepared for delivery to FBA warehouse.

  1. Package options – The creative layouts like carton box etc can be done if required and this also protects the items in the box.

  1. Packing& bundling – Multiple and different items can be packed at the same time from different suppliers in a polybag which protects from heat etc.

  • Printing services (package, inserts, etc.) – They have got very good quality printing services for packaging, inserts etc. They are capable of printing any quantity depending on the designs we give.

FBA Logistics – FBA logistics offer good delivery assistance. They help in shipping, shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in USA, Europe, shipping to our own warehouse. It also helps in quick air delivery or ocean delivery as per our needs.

  • Global fulfilment solutions – With global fulfilment solutions it is helpful to focus on expanding our sales to the whole wide world. And the fulfilment centres will be handling the logistics.

  • Integration to all major marketplaces – They have integration to all the ecommerce systems and marketplaces so that all the new orders and tracking numbers will be automatically updated.

  • Uses of Fulfilment Services – These fulfilment services are provided to decrease the shipment fees, sell the products and grow margins and sell not only in Amazon but also on other platform.

Thus, Amazon FBA agents carefully inspect your product and helps in quick return of unwanted good, without letting you wait for long time.