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Options for investment have developed further from the introduction of the internet, more people are able to engage in activities normally reserved only for those in the know. A great example of this is gold, gold was once considered the domain of the rich and knowledgeable, however buying gold today is something anybody can research and engage in, thanks to the internet which shows live gold prices and prices gold dealers are selling their gold bars and coins for.

As gold prices change everyday, previously it was a lot of effort to buy and sell, however now these live prices make things much easier, and gold is now in the domain of every person worldwide to engage in as a method of investment.

There are many people investing their money in buying and selling gold from the world markets. This can be done by investing in various forms of gold, such as  coins, jewellery, bullion bars or gold granules in the market.

The price of gold varies depending upon supply of new gold, and availability of existing gold, as more people buy the price goes up, as more gold is mined and available, the price goes down, the same goes for when a lot of people sell their gold at once, the price will also drop.

This may sound like a risk, but over time, returns on gold investment usually rise around 3 to 5% each year, making it one of the more stable methods of investing compared to shares, property, bonds and other securities.

Even though the banks will no longer assist people to invest in physical gold, this has left gold trading to the private business realms, the majority of gold suppliers in the world are now private. In the olden days, people used to be able to visit their bank and purchase gold directly, there was even a time when money was actually linked to the price of gold, however this has now changed.

Some people will always prefer to save money in cash and some people will prefer to take some risk in return for a potential gain, gold is currently the safest global investment, and is the third most popular method of investment in the world. There are plenty of ways to buy gold from online businesses, there are also physical businesses in most capital cities where you can call and book in a purchase of gold and collect in person, and when the time comes to sell, that can be done with the help of the businesses called gold buyers.

Things to be followed before selling gold

The most important thing to be considered before selling gold is to select the best sellers in the marketplace through gold buyers websites online, where most advertise the prices they pay per gram or per ounce of gold. But do not rely on this alone, ensure the price the website quotes is what you are actually paid when you arrive, as there are a lot of dodgy sellers in the industry.

Whatever the product you have to sell, the gold buyer will pay for the product as per the weight of pure gold contained, the metal purity is paid at the current gold world trading price, usually with a small profit margin added.

This method is competitive between companies, as the person with the lowest overall charge will often turn over more gold, and hence the 1% less you are paid compared to the world gold price, becomes the profit of the company.

Look for the lowest premium added by the company to get the best rate, and be careful of buyers who claim to buy at 99% of the world price, yet when you visit they tell you the price has changed, and it is now much less.

In most cases when selling your gold, you can collect cash for gold immediately from the gold buyers.

You can sell gold after considering the following things in the marketplace, listed below as follows.

  • Any kind of gold can be sold in the market.
  • All gold has value, however gold plated items do not have any value over basic metal value, which makes them basically worthless.
  • Find out the gold value by finding the purity of your product in the form of karat if you have jewellery.
  • When buying gold, often a deposit is required and collection is needed the same day, as gold prices fluctuate fast, the seller often places an order at the exact time you purchase, not paying the same day often results in a penalty or premium being added to your price for non compliance.
  • Search a variety of gold buyers and sellers online and sell knowing the exact price you should be paid or paying when you visit them in person.

These are the most important things that have to be considered before selling gold. There are many online sites that will help you gather all the necessary information regarding gold buying and selling on a variety of websites online.

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