Apprenticeship Advantages: 6 Benefits of Working As an Apprentice


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Working as an apprentice can be a rewarding introduction to a new career. While working alongside experts in your field can be daunting, you can improve your chances of entering an industry that will set you up for a successful lifelong career.

However, not everyone knows whether apprenticeships are right for them, especially as you often must balance work and study. Make your decision with confidence by exploring the following apprenticeship advantages.

Earn While You Learn

You’re essentially treated as an employee as you work through an apprenticeship. For example, if you secured an electrician’s apprenticeship and worked with trained electricians, you’d be eligible for workers’ comp insurance for electricians, regular income, and other employee benefits.

Rarely are college students able to earn in the same field they’d be entering as they learn new skills for a career. Instead, they often make money outside of study hours in hospitality and other casual jobs.

Hands-on Training

While some people have no problem learning from books, others are more hands-on learners. They absorb information more efficiently when they watch someone else perform an activity and do it themselves. Apprenticeships offer opportunities for this style of learner.

While some handwritten coursework is required to complete your apprenticeship and show you’re skilled in your field, much of the information you provide in your coursework can come from hands-on tasks. As a result, you can draw on your real-life experiences and explain your concepts in greater detail. 

Plenty of Options

As there can be many benefits for employers offering apprenticeship programs, you should find a range of options to choose from as you narrow down your career goals. There is no shortage of apprenticeships in various lucrative industries like education, healthcare, trades, and technology. 

There are also several online platforms for students to apply to for their apprenticeship opportunities, including, Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP), and the Office of Apprenticeship. 

Course Credits

If you’re already enrolled in a tertiary education program to become qualified in a particular field, an apprenticeship may help you obtain the credits you need to pass. Many apprenticeship programs allow you to earn course credits while performing real industry tasks. Otherwise, you might have to work toward those same credits in a classroom environment, which can be challenging if you’re a hands-on learner

Improve Your Chances of Securing Employment

Many college graduates have first-hand experience struggling to find employment after graduating with a degree. They might have the right qualifications to be employed, but they sometimes lack the connections that are essential in competitive industries. 

Apprentices often don’t face the same battles. As they have already worked within the field and taken on-the-job training, they make valuable connections with industry professionals who can see their worth and potential for themselves. As a result, those who complete their registered apprenticeship programs enjoy 91% employment retention rates

Lucrative Income Opportunities

If you’ve been wondering whether going to college or finding an apprenticeship is best, apprenticeship income potential might have you considering this route. Many college students can only start earning money after several years of study, but apprentices typically make money from day one. Most apprentices earn between $50,000 and $70,000 per year, and more than half of apprentices receive promotions or income increases throughout their apprenticeships. 

A college education is often considered the natural route after secondary school, but apprenticeships can be worth exploring. If you enter an apprenticeship in your preferred field, there’s potential for you to enjoy all the benefits above and more. 


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