Are the nearest movers to you the best choice?


People often find themselves googling for “moving company near me Toronto ON”. But is this actually a good choice or it would be better to choose someone just a little farther, if their services are much better? We are a Toronto moving company with over a decade of experience in residential and commercial relocation. At the same time, we are a North York moving company, since we have a headquarters there, as well. In this article, we would like to share our ideas on whether or not looking for the nearest movers is a good idea.

Don’t rush into this choice

Looking to find the nearest moving company in Toronto (or anywhere else, as a matter of fact) might not necessarily result in finding a good Toronto moving company. The fact that these movers are 10 minutes from you does surely not guarantee they are good. It also doesn’t guarantee they will cost less than a Toronto moving company located farther from you. It is true that a lot of moving companies charge the time they spend driving from their headquarters to your place. Let’s Get Moving is one of those companies, and let us explain why. Our hourly rate is fully inclusive. Whatever happens and whatever we help you with – including screwing your light bulbs in or assembling the dining table – is included in the price. However, since for us it is not the same thing to manage a move in downtown Toronto or in Mississauga, we had to come up with a solution that will be equitable for both parties. This is why we decided to start the timer as soon as our crew leaves the office and to stop it as soon as their return. Anything that happens in the interval is covered by that sum.

Take some time to read reviews

Even though a moving company might be right across the street from where you live, take some time to find out more about them before actually booking a move. Googling “moving company near me Toronto ON” will retrieve lots of results and this might get exciting quickly. But before making the big decision about which moving company in Toronto to hire, document a little on the issue. Websites such as Google and Yelp are perfect for reading reviews of previous customers. The more reviews, the more relevant opinion you can get by reading them. And don’t worry about the moving company in Toronto not showing on these platforms! If they don’t have a profile there, they might not be that amazing, after all. Any reputable moving company in Toronto or elsewhere is represented on these websites. Another thing that is important here is to not fall for the trap where you only read the reviews the companies publish on their own websites. That is nothing but a simple selection, the best of the best, if you will. Whereas the platforms we mentioned before leaving no room for selections nor for hiding the truth, which is why you should rely on them.

Analyze the offer

You should know better than anyone what you want from your Toronto moving company. And professionalism is a rather arbitrary term that leaves room for interpretation. So if we tell you that X is a good professional, you might have different opinions, and we could both be right at the same time. It is a matter of standards, basically. And they refine with age, as well. In conclusion, first of all, decide what you want your Toronto moving company to offer you and then start searching for that unicorn-company. You will find it, no worries. But it might not be a moving company near you in Toronto. However, keep in mind that even if they are a little farther, it will still not cost you THAT much. You are not on different continents, just on different streets. Analyze the offers of moving companies in Toronto – both near you and farther from you. Make a list of your favourites and then contact them to get a free estimate and details about how they work. The operators are there to answer all your questions, so don’t be shy!

Let’s Get Moving is one of the most reputable moving companies in Toronto. Why we might not be near you, we might be the best option for you. Our movers are efficient and professional, not to mention polite and respectful. They will treat your items with as much care as if they would with theirs. Moreover, our all-inclusive hourly fee is affordable, and we also have lots of discounts and special offers you can access. And we are proud to say that many of those who move with us once never go back to hiring another moving company in Toronto. Get in touch with us to learn more and to get your free estimate!

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