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Are You Making These Interior Painting Mistakes?


Painting the interior of your home is extremely important. It allows you to decorate your home the right way and it is a simple, fun way to keep your home’s visual appeal updated. Yet, if you’re not careful you can easily paint improperly and that can lead to issues. Here are some of the main interior painting mistakes that most people tend to do.

Not Using Painter’s Tape

Without painter’s tape, you can end up accidentally painting areas along your windows, doors, trim, or even the edge of your floor which you hadn’t intended to. This can create an unsightly paint stain that’s difficult to remove. On the other hand, if you use painter’s tape you’ll be able to easily peel it off to create a smooth line that looks professional and polished.

Not Cleaning The Walls

Cleaning the walls before painting is very important. Usually, walls tend to accumulate lots of residues and compounds as time goes by. That’s why cleaning your walls is a necessity. This grime and grease will otherwise become trapped under your fresh coat of paint. Cleaning your walls can be done by using a warm bucket of soapy water and a sponge and step ladder or roller sponger to reach higher areas. Then let it dry completely before continuing on your project!

Skipping Primer

Primer prepares your walls for paint. Without primer, your walls will not be fully prepared for painting so make sure you don’t skip this step. And there’s the chance that your paint might not adhere properly to the wall when you use it. So it is essential to use a primer before you paint, as any professional interior painter will indeed attest.

Using The Wrong Paintbrush

You’ll also want to avoid using the wrong paintbrush. Depending on what type of painting you need to do, you will likely require a particular paintbrush. For instance, you may need a trim brush, roller brush, textured brush, or a different brush. Make sure you have the right kind to ensure that paint is applied smoothly and evenly to the walls.

Even if interior painting might seem simple for a lot of people, it requires a lot of focus and attention. But if you pay close attention, you will find that the results can be amazing. That being said, try to avoid all the mistakes listed above for a project that unfolds smoothly. Just take your time, create the right painting plan and the results will be well worth it in the end!

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