ArnonDror confirms how to get ahead in the financial world


ArnonDror of Portland Oregon, is a top senior Operation Executive who is headhunted by businesses all over the world. He has been the VP of Finance for the US Channel Group, Xerox. He has put his heart and soul into his work in finance and loves it almost as much as he loves the Boston Celtics and the New England patriots; he is a huge fan of both! He loves his teams but would never consider underhand activity or trafficking to improve his team.

The finance market is a very saturated world where only half of college graduates can find a job related to their studies. This is especially true for those who want to work in finance. Therefore you need to get a head start. So what do you need to do?

First of all you need to start early, whilst studying if you can. Try and offer your services to as many different kinds of businesses in the finance world that you can think of. This should then able you to spend the next year or two deciding which direction you wish to take. Again use your internships or voluntary services to compliment your degree and your chosen career path. You can learn an awful lot from businesses such as non-profit or small businesses. Early internships in this business will offer you an invaluable insight into the financial world.

It is very important to ensure that you are entering into a field that will work for you. You need to be focussed and passionate and ready to fight! You shouldn’t merely enter into this career to make money alone you need an excellent understanding of financial structures.

Whilst you are there you need to network, network and network some more,  you want to leave your stamp on these people. Foster genuine friendships and relationships. Never underestimate what might happen, just make the right first impression on one significant business person. Stay in touch with as many as people as you can.

You should follow the news and read up on current financial trends and happenings in newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal. Keep your eye open for new financial trends and emerging companies who look to be of interest to the finance world.

As a new entrant into the financial world  you need to be approachable and sociable. Soft skills such as listening and communicating well, as well as presenting your ideas impeccably,  are all seen as key ways to differentiate between different graduates with top level degrees.

Learn how to behave professionally and maturely as quickly as you can, this again can set you out from the rest. You need to act and look professional and at the top of your game. Listen, copy and positively represent your company at every opportunity. Do not let this slip even when you think that no one is looking.

If you do not stand out with your current portfolio, go and learn some more! An MBA can further enhance your career. Again this will give you more experience and time to make those all-important connections.  Be resilient; keep going even if you think you are beaten. That all important contact might be just around the corner.

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