Is Asian Handicap Significant In Soccer Betting?


In soccer bet there are three possible outcomes; win, loss or draw. Asian handicap is aimed towards reducing the outcome from three to two, eliminating the option of draw. This form of betting is gaining much popularity in the recent times. It is a rather exciting way to bet judi online.

If you are planning to try your hands on this type of bet then you need to understand the principles on which this works. The most basic handicap offered by most online bookmakers is the +0.5 handicap. This is done when there is a team marked as the clear favorites. If team A is supposed to win, then team B will start with a +0.5 advantage.

So the outcome in this judi online soccer bet if you have bet on team B will be if A wins, you lose, if B wins, you win, if the match is a draw, you still win. If the game has +0 handicap then its just like a normal bet but if the match is a draw then you will get your money back.

In case of +1 handicap, team B starts with a one goal advantage. This happens when team A has a very big probability of winning team B has a very low probability of winning. In this case if you have bet in favor of team B then there can be 4 outcomes, if B wins, then you have won, if A wins with 2 or more goals then you have lost, if the match is a draw then you have won, if A wins by only 1 goal, then it’s a draw in betting terms.

If in the same case you have bet in favor of team A which has a -1 handicap then the outcome would be team B win means bet is lost, a draw will also result in lost bet, if A wins by 1 goal, it’s a draw, the only way for you to win would be if A wins by 2 or more goals.

The benefit of Asian handicap is that the margin of profit for the bookie is considerably lower, and if you look around you might even find a game where the bookie’s margin is almost zero.


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