Assisted Living: What You Need to Know


Everyone wants to take care of their parents! More than duty, it’s a heart calling. After all, our parents have done their part, dutifully to make sure that we live well. Hence, when they are old, it is imperative that we ensure that we keep them well, secured, protected and also happy. However, sometimes destiny works strangely, where living under one roof becomes difficult.

Sometimes the reasons are professional where you being the only earning member of the family have to relocate to another city or country! And there are times when either one of your parents might have a painful health condition, that needs special attention. It is here that you need to consider assisted living for your parents. Today, you have many options for senior living homes in your locality. It is essential to select one that has a favorable reputation. But before you go ahead with your decision, you need to be aware of a few critical points.  

Understanding what assisted living is all about

It is essential to know that the concept of senior living homes or communities includes:

  • Residential care homes
  • Assisted living communities
  • Independent living

Each of these aspects is distinctive concerning the requirements they cater to.

So, if any of your parents or a loved one in your family needs assistance while you are away, the assisted living communities are the ideal choice. These communities can include as many as 20 to 200 residents that are designed perfectly for senior citizens. These individuals are socially active, but require assistance from time to time in carrying out their daily activities. It includes activities like housekeeping, bathing, dressing, meals, grooming, and medication and so on. Some chefs prepare the meals at recurrent intervals. You have the option to book a one or two-bedroom accommodation as well as a private studio for your parents or a loved one.

People who need specialized care

With old-age, there’s a chance for senior citizens to develop critical ailments. Alzheimer’s is one of the severe diseases that anyone of your parents or a loved one might suffer from. And it is essential to ensure that your loved one is an expert and right hands when shifted to an assisted living community. Luckily, these communities provide Alzheimer’s care homes that offer specialized care with expert professionals and caretakers at service. You can enquire the other facilities and amenities of the care homes for Alzheimer patients and then arrive at a decision.  

It is not the same as a nursing home

Most people think that an assisted living community is similar to a nursing home. In truth, both the concepts are very different. The assisted living community is perfect for individuals who are solo agers and want to stay independently in a community of like-minded people. Also, these communities have scopes for social interactions and social activities that help the residents to interact and bond with one another.

The cost of assisted living communities and specialized care homes for Alzheimer patients or individuals with dementia varies from one community to the other. You can browse online, compare the facilities and the cost and decide on the assisted living community you want to choose for your parents or a loved one.  

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