Now not being musical doesn’t mean that you don´t recognise talent or enjoy music, it means that you never got around to learning how to play an instrument, learning to DJ or have any practical experience in music.  There are many roles available in the music industry for people who fit the criteria.  Taking a music business degree could be the step you need to take in order to earn a career in one or more of the following roles:

Marketing and promoting

If you love music I’m sure that you´ve attended a few concerts in your time.  Something that every concert has in common is that a whole lot of marketing and promoting went into each one.  Without marketing and promoting, how would anyone know about the upcoming concerts, upcoming albums or brand-new artists that the music business is trying to sell?  Every famous artist or band has in some way or another dealt with marketers and promoters throughout their career.

Music publishing and contracts

On the whole record companies and artists are looking to make money to support their lifestyles, in short, the music industry is based on making a profit.  As a music publisher, you would be responsible for making sure that artists and record labels are paid whenever their art is used commercially.  This is done through the use of contracts and can often take long periods of time for all entities involved in the contract to agree to it.  Due to money being an important part of the music industry, this is an extremely vital role to be involved with.  

Talent scouting

A record label needs talent scouts to search for, as the name implies, talent.  Talent scouts are people w role is to find and bring talent to the label in order to make money.  There are hundreds of record labels word wide that without their talent scouts would never have discovered some of the most famous musicians in the world, which may have meant that the musicians wouldn´t have make it famous, and worse for the record company, would never have made them all of the money that they did.  This role contains many advantages and in some cases even commission for bringing an artist that goes on to be particularly successful and lucrative for the record label.

None music industry specific roles

The music industry is always looking for many types of professionals such as lawyers, computer engineers, photographers and many more.  With it being so huge, you have a great chance to enter to the industry if you have experience or qualifications in a sought-after profession.  Take a look at available positions at local record labels to see if you qualify for some of the vacant professional roles.

Working every day, meeting upcoming artists and excellent producers is a dream come true for a music lover and as you can see, knowing how to play an instrument or engineer a sound is not necessarily needed in order for you to earn yourself a great career within the music industry.