Australia’s Beach Culture: Surfing, Swimwear and Tigerlily



Australia is known for its beaches, with the country being home to more than 10,000 beaches. Before the pandemic hit in 2019, it was reported that 9.3 million tourists visited the country. Tourists and locals alike love spending time at the beach. Australia is a brewing pot of culture, from the cultural events and family holidays by the sea to national surf carnivals and buying the perfect swimwear at tigerlily.

Australia’s Beach Culture

Australia’s beach culture is no stranger to the outside world, with several films, documentaries, sound, literature, and art documenting its beautiful sceneries since the late 19th century. Filled with its unique rituals, history, language, and customs, its beaches are home to several cultural events that constantly take place throughout the year. Their beaches are also close to some restaurants, cafes, and other attractions, making the millions of visitors they have every year enjoy their time to the fullest.

One of the most favourite beach activities in Australia is surfing. Surfing was first introduced to Australia in 1915 by Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku at Freshwater Beach in Sydney. It immediately became the new trend that soon expanded throughout the country.

At first, surfboards were first made of California redwood which soon changed to hollow ply, complex, and heavy to ride compared to bodysurfing, which does not require any additional equipment. Surfing’s popularity soon grew when American lifesavers brought a much lighter board to the country back in 1956. Using more lightweight surfing boards made it easier to manoeuvre and create more creative and powerful surfing moves.

Dressed to Swim

Another essential part of Australia’s beach culture is the evolution of beachwear or swimwear. Since Australia is a country full of beaches, people don’t go around in average swimwear. Swimwear first surfaced in the 20th century. Before then, people would either swim wearing nothing at all or in their underwear. Soon, it developed into Neck-to-knee swimsuits made out of wool or cotton for both women and men.

The bikini was introduced in the year 1950, which is considered the more revealing swimsuit type. However, soon after, people are now encouraged to cover up due to the risk of skin cancer. Today’s swimwear resembles the Neck-to-knee look that was common back then.

In the past few years, swimsuit trends include one-piece suits and high-waisted ones. Since then, several Australian brands have taken over the industry, with one of the most famous brands being tigerlily.

Tigerlily, the Fashion-Forward Swimwear Brand of Today

Australia’s swimwear industry has reached worldwide with several brands changing the game by putting their touch. Tigerlily is one of the most famous boutiques in Australia, which distributes worldwide, even in local shops.  

It was first founded in the year 2000 in Sydney, Australia. The boutique delivers several designs and collections accessible for every woman who adores summer, shares a lively curiosity, and the beach.

Tigerlily is an established premium swimwear brand that has evolved to deliver the ultimate wardrobe that’s perfect all year round by combining unique textiles and different prints with a solid ethical and sustainable focus.

With tigerlily offering a new take on swimwear and the country’s continuous efforts to redefine the beach culture during the pandemic’s aftermath, a new kind of beach culture will undoubtedly be formed that will change the course of Australia’s beach life.


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