Spain is the “Mecca” for food lovers and Barcelona, being the Catalan capital, is home to certain local must-have delicacies which trace its origin way back in history. In fact nowhere else are people as passionate about their food as the Spanish who value their food as much as they value their cultural history. Hence Barcelona Food Tours present a golden opportunity for food lovers across the world to come to Spain and taste authentic Catalan as well as Spanish food just the way the natives or the locals like it.

A gastronomic tour of Barcelona should always be taken under the guidance of experts for there are a number of secret streets which house some of the best available food recipes. Hence be it the paella, the mouth-watering tapas, the exotic wines or the absolutely refreshing Sangria, it is the experts or the guides who will be able to take visitor to the places which serve them in the most authentic manner after cooking it using the traditional processes passed down from generations.

Other than the Paella which forms a very important part of all occasions and celebrations, other dishes like the Bombas, the iconic tapas dish inspired by handmade grenades, the Calcots, a special type of green onion inherent to the region of Catalonia and used to make the Romesco sauce or the traditional salsa of Catalonia, the Esqueixada, a rustic preparation made from raw salted cod, the Mato or the soft, spreadable and sweet ricotta like cheese etc., are other culinary delights which every visitor to this region must try.

The cobbled streets, the fishermen district near the sea, the gothic monuments, each standing as a proof of some historic event, add to the beauty of this city. And the influence of the different cultures and eras which this city has witnessed has only added to the flavour of the food available here. Barcelona has thus become a gastronomers delight and extremely popular with adventure foodies from around the world.