There are many shades of gold these days. The best known are white gold, rose gold and of course yellow gold. Yellow gold is what used to be considered gold, the different colored alloys were not as popular as they are today. Classic custom engagement rings are made of 585 gold, just as the classic wedding bands were and are made of simple yellow gold. The Alloy Gold 585 is relatively hard and durable, so that the Engagement Rings Gold 585 can be worn in everyday life.

The rings are simple, simply reminding of the promise of future spouses. Under the influence of Hollywood films, white gold custom engagement rings have become more popular in the last decades of the 20th century, but the trend is now back to yellow gold. The yellow gold 750 engagement ring is made of a slightly softer gold, the alloy has a higher proportion of the extremely soft material gold. These rings are a bit more sensitive to everyday mechanical stress, they deform a little bit more easily and get small scratches and quirks faster.

For the engagement ring yellow gold 750, that may not be so bad: Tell every little scratch, dent and matte spot of a life in love.

Yellow gold engagement rings: It may also be extravagant

In the past, yellow gold Custom Engagement Rings were simple and unremarkable. The people did physical work, and conspicuous designed jewelry would have disturbed rather. Today we are no longer an agrarian society, we have left behind the industrial age and are at the end of the service age. We live in a digital age. Physical work is no longer essential to survival and for most people is no longer part of everyday life.

The jewelry, which is worn in everyday life, may therefore also express our individuality. And what would be better than an engagement ring? After all, it is individuality, the personality that brings people together today and binds them together. Purely purposefulness has become rare. Therefore, the simple engagement rings Gold 585 today are anything but simple. They are as far as designed, decorated, bent and processed, as the simple ring shape allows. Used gemstones, semi-precious stones and pearls in very different versions make each ring to a unique piece of art, and of course this does not only affect the rings of women. The men’s rings are no longer as simple as a few years ago.

Yellow Sapphire: The fire of bright yellow will awaken all your senses with its brilliance. It’s time to show your creative and intellectual energy. If you have a strong and brave personality, the rich yellow hue will remind you of all your emotions.

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