Summer is not always about sweltering heat. Early morning and evening feel very good even if the mercury is rising. With cool breeze sucking up your sweats and worries, it is time to think how to keep your family safe from wasps and bees that are planning a return.

Warm weather is a favourable time for these insects. They usually remain outside but sometimes enter into houses. They can spoil your barbecue party that you have arranged for the guests at your outdoor space. These insects also sting and it is annoying. The blog introduces you to the details about these insects and what you should do if a problem is found.

Harmful Activities

We all know that these insects are unwanted guests even if they stay outside. The buzzing sound never feels good. However, there are more to their causing nuisances. The stinging insects are fatal.

A mass attack by wasps or bees could cause injury or even death. However, such mass attack happens only after provocation. Thousands of wasps and bees live in a single nest and they can sting you multiple times.

Differences between Bees and Wasps

Most people cannot differentiate between these two types of buzzing insects. For you, it is important to learn the differences between them.

Bees are usually round-shaped featuring a vague body as well as vague legs. They usually don’t sting unless provoked. Wasps feature a slender and longer body with a smooth exterior. They are more aggressive and can sting even if not provoked.

How to Stay Safe from Them

It won’t be a pragmatic idea to remove the nests inhabited by the wasps and bees. However, there are always ways to prevent these harmful insects from invading your yard.

If you are hosting a party at your outdoor area, always make sure that the sugary foods are covered well. Take care to seal compose and garbage bins in the best possible way. Fill all the cracks and holes in and around your premise to prevent them from nesting. Set up a commercial trap, which is easily available in the market, for these insects. You can also use your own bait by using soda, syrup or fruit.

How A Professional Service Provider Works?

If you notice a nest of wasps or bees in your premise, alert everyone in your family so that they don’t provoke the stinging pests either willingly or accidentally. After that, you should call in a professional wasp control Medford service provider.

Professional wasps/bees control service involves releasing dust into the nest. A trained technician performs the action. The area should be avoided in hours following the treatment. The pests will be dead in three days. Sometimes, a successive treatment is required for an effective result.


If you spot such nests in your premise or they are invading your yard in a larger number this summer, you must not take risks. Instead, you should call a skilled and seasoned pest removal technician in Medford to kill the unwanted guests and enjoy a peace of mind.