Benefits of Utilising Virtual Servers for Your Growing Business


If you’re looking to migrate to a hosted data centre or for ways to enhance your on-premise data centre, then you’re looking at virtualization. Offering a vast landscape change to the way data centres perform, virtualization benefits your growing business on multiple levels. Here are some key benefits of data centre virtualization.

Reduced cost. Did you know that hardware is often the highest cost in any data centre? You can reduce the amount of hardware used as well as reduce your cost through virtualization. More than that, you benefit more from lack of downtime, easier maintenance, and less electricity usage. This all adds up to significant cost savings over time.

Faster re-deploy. While using a physical server and it suddenly dies, the redeploy time will depend on many factors, which includes the availability of backup servers, server image, and much more. Virtualization, on the other hand, allows redeployment within minutes. Virtual snapshots can be enabled with a few clicks – your end users will hardly see there was any issue.

Easier backups. More than allowing full backups through virtual servers, it also allows you to do snapshots and advanced backups. Virtual machines can be transferred from one server to another, which makes redeployment easier and faster.

Greener business. Not only is a greener business a trend, it’s also a modern necessity. Reducing your businesses’ carbon footprint not only assists in cleaning up the air we breathe, it also helps clean up your company image. Consumers need to see their preferred companies reducing their output of pollution and actually taking responsibility. Using virtualization goes a long way towards improving your relationship with the planet.

Better risk reduction. Disaster recovery is easier when your data centre is virtualized. There are continuous rechecking of your virtual data, so you can easily get back up and run. If a disaster strikes your data centre itself, you can just move those virtual machines elsewhere. Having this unique level of flexibility means your disaster recovery plan is easier to enact and will have higher success rate.

Ease of cloud migration. Moving to virtual servers mean you are closer to enjoying a full-blown cloud environment. You can even be in a position where you can safely deploy VMs to and from your data centre to form a powerful cloud-based infrastructure. Beyond actual virtual servers, the virtualized technology lets you get closer to a cloud-based mindset, which makes the migration easier.

If you’re looking for a faster, more flexible solution than web hosting and a platform that can handle massive traffic at blazing speeds with huge storage for single or multiple websites, consider Windows PVS. It’s the perfect solution for businesses and start-ups who want to focus on their business and do not want the daily annoyance or costs of running a server.

Virtual servers provide a powerful way to relieve the usual difficulties that plague businesses. If you haven’t already begun to make use of virtualization in your data centre, then perhaps it’s time you start. Try migrating only a simple file server to virtualized technology, and you’ll rapidly see the benefits — and ultimately, you may want all of your data centres virtualized.


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