One of the jewellery items that haven’t gone out of style and are never likely to, are gold bangles, for their variety of designs and the variety of occasions they can be worn at. Gold bangles cost you not as much as other gold jewellery do and can be paired easily with any outfit. However, choosing the right gold bangle from among hundreds of types and designs is tough, but do not worry, we are here to help you out.

Here are the best five tips to choose gold Bangles:

  1. The right measurement: So this is probably the only thing that people get wrong when they buy bangles. It can be scary if the bangle does not fit the person you are buying it for. You must be wondering that you measured her wrist right, what could have gone wrong? Well let me guide you through this. It is a very important rule to buy bangles that are about half or three and a half inches bigger than the size of your wrist. That way it will be easy for the person to wear and take it off.
  2. Check the quality: It is important to be on the lookout for the quality that you are getting at the price which you are paying. Often jewellers, mix cheap alloys and do not give authentic gold, which makes the bangles really fragile, this is the reason why you should always check the gold bangle before buying.
  3. Pick out a good design: Keep this in mind that even if you are getting a gold bangle, there can be a lot of modifications that can be done in them. Add really nice designs to make them look even prettier. The design will attract a lot of attention than just the factor that the bangle is made up of gold.

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  4. The making charges: There are different making charges for making gold bangles based on the designer, usually, and the experience and craftiness he possesses. These days when the market is booming and jewellers have such a huge business, it can be really common to see gold jewellery that is machine made. Machine made and manual made jewellery have different rtes. Make sure you are not conned and you end up paying extra.
  5. The authenticity: In India you can check the authenticity of Gold jewellery and gold bangles by checking the hallmark sign. This proves the authenticity of the bangle and without it, it just does not have any guarantee of being real gold. Always check for the hallmark, so that your jewellery is also your investment, and a solid financial investment to help you through thick and thin.

Gold bangles are the best choice!

Gold bangles are very sophisticated pieces of jewellery, they complement most outfits, they’re versatile for they can be paired with almost any attire. There are various gold bangle designs to choose from, ask your jeweller to show you the best bangles design to make things easier for you.  Make sure you look out for the things mentioned above and you buy the right product.