Best Accessories for your RV


Going out on a trip in your RV? There are many things you need to put in place to ensure your trip is an awesome one. Most of the things you will need on this trip will be determined by the number of people who will be going on the trip. However, some of the accessories you will be needing are a matter of necessity rather than an optional decision to make.

RV Patio Mats

RV Patio mats are an important part of your trip. Once you reach a stopping point on your trip, you will be needing these mats to create your own seating area outdoors. They allow you keep your activities clean and fun.

Portable Meat Smoker

Most modern meat smokers can be used to boil, fry, roast, bake, smoke and grill your food as your need it. You will thus have an all-in-one unit to take care of your cooking needs in one meat smoker. Ensure the smoker you get is small enough to take the least space in your RV.

Mini Solar Charger

Your RV will not be plugged into the power grid but you will still be in need of power. The good news is that you will be outdoors for a large part of the journey. With a mini solar charger, you can have the power you need for the whole trip.


While you have the option of using a paper map on the way, that method is quite outdated. Most modern GPS systems for RVs have a lot of useful tools such as the best routes for your specific type of RV.

Frozen Drink Maker

Wouldn’t you want a cold drink on a hot day outdoors? Of course, you will. Most frozen drink makers can churn out lots of drinks for the whole crew in a minute or so. The size of this accessory will depend on the size of the family.


While the primary purpose of a blender is to blend juices, some come with the ability to create smoothies. You can choose the one with the features and size you know will suit your specific needs.

Two-Way Walkie Talkies

While they are basic communication tools, walkie talkies are an important accessory for your trip given the needs they meet. From finding parking areas to finding each other and even fun (kids love them), walkie talkies will serve you well especially in areas without a network coverage.

With these and many more accessories, your trip will become a joy. There are many options of each accessory on the market. Ask about the pricing, the quality and the sizes of each piece for the best decisions. These are the accessories that will make your trip more about the fun than solving the problems you may be running into on the way. Keep in mind that an RV trip is all about how prepared you are. If it finds you off-guard, it may be fun but with lots of work in between the fun sessions.

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