Best alternative to traditional flour that you can find


Coconut flour as a reliable high protein flour obtained from coconut. Coconutflesh has a white color, a delicate aroma and aftertaste. Of course, in the stores we find it in the form of finely ground powder, but it is worth noting that depending on the degree of grinding coconut flour can be light and well aerated or thicker and heavier.

It does not contain gluten, which is why you can see a constantly growing interest and more frequent use as an alternative to traditional flours. It is also worth noting that coconut flour is also very rich in fibre – it contains twice as much as bran.

It is therefore recommended for people with high sugar problems. Fats that are contained in coconut flour are very valuable and positively affect the functioning of the body. These are primarily saturated medium-chain fatty acids with antibacterial and antiviral activity.

In addition, it is said that they increase metabolism and stimulate the fat burning process. It is not surprising; therefore, that coconut flour is one of the most important ingredients in slimming diets. It is also a very good source of protein, which is why it is recommended for people who systematically play sports and children and adolescents during the growth period, because the demand for protein is higher during this period.

The influence of coconut flour on health is definitely very good. The fact that it does not contain gluten immediately puts it on the higher shelf, because nowadays a large number of people have been suffering from gluten-related ailments in most products. It is worth noting once again that coconut flour can boast of a very high content of dietary fibre, which for a long time maintains a feeling of fullness improves the bowel movement, helps regulate the level of cholesterol and blood sugar and remove toxins from the body.

Therefore, regular use of coconut flour with high protein in the kitchen significantly improves our well-being. What’s more, the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack is also reduced. The fact that the action of coconut flour affects the immune system does not even need to be mentioned.

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